Published 2018-04-18
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Love at first sight - does it happen?

Many people believe in love at first sight. But does it really exist? Usually, however, you need some patience and time to learn more about the nature of feelings. What do American scientists think about this? Perhaps we miss a great, true love, which, according to half people surveyed, only happens once in a lifetime. Today, we will talk about what love at first sight is. Let's start!

Love at first sight - does it happen? 1

It is said about "love at first sight", but it is really only the first infatuation, which is often transformed into falling in love and then into a deeper commitment. Because love is a feeling that is born gradually, it needs to be built and constantly nurtured. Most often Hollywood movies create the image of love at first sight. Imagine a scene like this: There is a party: he is standing by the stairs and suddenly she appears at the top, slowly goes down, he is watching her all the time and when she is downstairs, their eyes meet.

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Love at first sight - does it happen? 2

They keep a certain distance, look at each other and are unable to say anything - it seems to them that this moment lasts a long time - meanwhile it only takes a few seconds. Then he walks over, introduces himself and starts to talk, "something" pulls them towards him, they want to keep dating. Most call it love at first sight. But how to explain this spectacular phenomenon?

Love at first sight - does it happen? 3

Some people say that after the first few minutes they are able to say whether they will afford something more, whether a given person will become their second half. But in turn, the infatuation first appears, and although heart and mind have not yet managed to get to know the other person, your inner voice (subconscious) tells you that this strong desire (passion) will be the basis of a deeper feeling.

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Love at first sight - does it happen? 4

You meet him (her) and you have the impression that you already knew each other - you can communicate very well, and if true love comes along, you find that the person is the only one you want to spend your whole life with. And it can be said that the first attraction, fascination, conversations, meetings, being together make up the individual stages of "love at first sight" because from the beginning you intuitively felt that it will be something permanent, that you are for yourself created, destined.

Love at first sight - does it happen? 5

Another explanation is proposed by John Lee, an English sociologist who distinguished six types of love, including eros (romantic love). And it is eros, which is based on fascination, desire for closeness, presents the views of people who believe in love at first sight. These people are convinced that only in this way they can create a perfect relationship that cement the eternal feeling.

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Love at first sight - does it happen? 6

When does it guarantee durability? "Strong infatuation, commonly called 'love at first sight' is a violent fascination with another person, often associated with physical attraction. Usually, those experiencing this state strive for a quick connection in the romantic act, which is considered to complement something special, romantic. Looking at a partner, they see someone perfect, someone, who perfectly complements their personality.

Love at first sight - does it happen? 7

However, when the state of infatuation passes, a reality appears that verifies previous beliefs. If it turns out that immature people joined together, who thought that this state would last forever, they may experience disappointment and the relationship will fall apart. People who are more realistically perceiving the world after a moment of disappointment with the fact that the partner is not the perfect complement, can go to the next phase of building a love relationship" - says Izabela Trybus, a psychotherapist.

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Love at first sight - does it happen? 8

Love is something mysterious and spiritual. It cannot be examined in the laboratory, even scientists cannot look into our hearts - just a person knows what he/she feels. One love begins with friendship, the other begins with gradual learning and another with infatuation at first sight. Besides, it's up to us whether we miss it or give the other person a chance, let us build a lasting and deep feeling.

Love at first sight - does it happen? 9

True love lasts in joy and sorrow, it is a common experience of good and bad moments. Undoubtedly, there is such a thing as attraction, infatuation or desire at first sight, from the first conversation or meeting, and only from the perspective of time can be said if it developed into true love, or we were able to love someone. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Love at first sight - does it happen? 10

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Love at first sight - does it happen? 11
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