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So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ...

When we plan to go by car, we always want the trip to go amazing, but sometimes unexpected things happen that can put us in the biggest difficulties. For example, we can imagine a situation where we run out of petrol. We have the indicator on the dashboard so it is not very difficult to check that the level has dropped a lot. And what if you reach halfway and someone has left the documentation at home? The driver is usually fined by the cops, and they'll have to turn around to pick it up.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 1

However, there is something that can happen and it is not funny at all: we are talking about having an accident. Having a collision with another car or getting off the road to falling and rolling along a gap is something we would not even want to happen to our worst enemy. If the crash is not strong enough we will probably make it through alive, but the car will possibly suffer the consequences of the impact. In today's article, we will teach you how to fix one of these very frequent breaks.

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So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 2

Glass, apart from being present in cars, are part of many of the structures that make up the civilized world: windows, stained glass, mirrors. There are also containers of this material, but today that is not what we're here to talk about it. The subject in question refers to one of the most common accidents in places with a large number of glasses, of course, we are talking about the breaks. Usually, we put our hands on our head when they happen, as we think there is no possible solution.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 3

How many times in our childhood has it happened that we have broken a neighbor's glass playing cricket and we had to pay for it? Well, it's countless, that's how many times it has happened! The same thing happens when we throw stones at a car or a mirror: if someone caught us doing so the consequences could be fatal. This material is very sensitive and sometimes to the minimum impact its structure is seriously damaged. Before we did not know how to solve the results of these accidents, but now we have the answer.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 4

Next, we will talk about one of the foods that are common in all our kitchens. It's garlic. This vegetable gives a very special flavor to our meals. It is often so strong that many people can not even stand it. In short, thanks to garlic we have developed a very interesting taste palette, since this product can be found in foods like garlic bread, garlic soup and chicken with garlic. Our mouth is already watering!

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 5

We are aware that more than 6000 years ago humans knew about garlic and all its benefits. This vegetable has a very important nutritional component, so much of it that it is good for sight and skin, besides being a very popular antioxidant. However, a great utility has recently been discovered for this food. It is something that nobody had ever imagined. We can fix broken glass with it! Thanks to this remedy, you can solve many conflicts without having to be angry with anyone or spend a lot of money.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 6

By applying a simple clove of garlic we can solve one of the problems that appear most frequently in daily life - the breaking of a glass or crystal. It is not something miraculous, but rather it gives us enough time to go to the store to buy a new glass. We do not recommend this solution to all the breakages, but thanks to garlic we will be able to disguise a little damage that we have caused. But how can a vegetable do that? Everything is related to its internal structure.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 7

Garlic is rich in several important nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins and vitamins, but apart from them, it contains some carbohydrates called fructans. These compounds made from sucrose is the juice of the garlic. For example, sometimes you'll see it's residue on knives after chopping garlic. And it could be said that this substance is a kind of like a miracle glue. What is the method of repairing these broken glasses? Well, it's quite simple, we can all do it at home.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 8

If we find a glass that is a little damaged, we just have to split a clove of garlic in half and begin to rub it on the place that is damaged. Of course, you have to do it with enough patience and with great care, because if you rub with a lot of pressure the glass could break even more. So slowly we rub it up and down until the break is well infused with that miraculous substance. Finally, if there is excess liquid use a little paper or tissue to clean it.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 9

And what is the performance of fructans? As they gradually penetrate into the holes and cracks, it stops the break and avoids it from going further. Of course, this remedy will be useless when the glass is almost completely broken. In that case, it is best to go to a specialized store and buy a new one. However, if the break is small this solution will work and will enable everything to go smoothly. We still have to learn a lot about our foods and their benefits not only in health but for other uses. We have not yet tried this method. So comment and let us know if it has helped you to repair your most precious glass.
There are even other ways fixing cracks. We've mentioned it on the next page.

So you can repair a broken glass with a simple clove of garlic ... 10

Use a metal polish to repair damaged glass

First, you need to clean and dry the area around the break with a soft, clean cloth. You should avoid the use of rough cloths or paper towels, as they may add extra scratches to the glass. After cleaning the area thoroughly, apply a little metal polish on another soft, dry cloth. Then rub gently all over the scratch. Be sure to avoid excessive application of the enamel, as this can cause more scratches on the glass. If the metal polish is applied correctly, and the scratch is not too deep, it should disappear or be much less visible.

Use a metal polish to repair damaged glass

Try the transparent nail polish!

At first, you need to clean the scratch and the area that is around it with window cleaner. Again, to achieve this purpose you must use a soft cloth. Make sure the scratched area is dry enough before moving on to the next step. Using the nail polish brush, carefully apply a thin layer of clear enamel over the scratch. The nail polish should be enough to completely cover the scratch, but do not go over with the application. Finally, slowly remove any excess nail polish.
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Try the transparent nail polish!
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