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10 Products and daily habits that could cause cancer!

One of the deadliest diseases that most lives today is cancer. Practically all the forms in which this suffering is manifested are very painful both for those who suffer them and for their loved ones, who live the agonizing and painful day to day, stoics at their side. Although there are many cases in which the patient manages to survive this struggle, unfortunately, many others do not. On many occasions, those who do not come out ahead of the terrible suffering lived painfully by this inclement because they realized too late that they were victims of it and began the treatment much later.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in the studies of this disease, many of the products that can cause cancer are now known. The recommendation is to be careful in its use.

1. The sleepless nights
Oddly enough, this bad habit can have very serious consequences for health. Although the simple fact of falling asleep late cannot cause the disease on its own, by revealing ourselves we tend to consume some substances that eventually can. For example, the caffeine in some carbonated drinks or taurine found in virtually all energy fluids which can be linked to cancer.

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2. Processed foods
Undoubtedly, prioritizing the consumption of foods of plant origin is a recommendation that many health professionals give to their patients. However, there are millions of people whose main dish consists of processed foods of animal origin. Thanks to multiple studies, today it is known that this type of product is quite harmful to humans, and can even be carcinogenic.

3. Cell phones
At present, it is practically impossible to imagine our life without a cell phone. This electronic device has become something of basic use in the day to day of people. However, excessive use can lead to cancer. This is due to the electromagnetic signals they emit in order to communicate. It is not about suspending its use, because its practicality is undeniable, but to diminish it.

4. The morning fast

The hustle and bustle of the morning often prevent us from having breakfast. However, in the opinion of experts, this food is the most important of the day. If morning fasting is recurrent in your daily life, you should reconsider, because it is a habit that can cause irreversible damage, and there are even those who claim that it could be associated with some types of stomach cancer.

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5. Some cosmetic products

There are many cases of skin cancer that have been attributed to some cosmetic products. Although it could be thought that in this sense it is only women who should be concerned about it, men can also be affected. Most of these incidents are due to the lack of prior evidence in the articles. However, as many of them are made in animals, there are movements that struggle because they stop doing and the merchandise goes on sale without being tested.

6. Certain disposable materials

Some plastics and other disposable materials such as dry ice have been identified as likely causes of cancer. In addition, due to its high polluting levels, some countries have declared their prohibition. The recommendation in the meantime is to avoid or at least try to reduce the frequency of consumption of products that are contained in packages made from these components.

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7. Talc for babies

In recent times, we have heard of at least a couple of confirmed cases that involve a well-known company dedicated to the manufacture of baby powder with ovarian cancer. Today it is known that there are more than 50 plaintiffs in the United States for this same reason. Therefore, it is recommended to all parents to avoid the use of these products, especially, of course, to those who have girls.

8. Alcoholic beverages

Currently, there are more adolescents and young people who start drinking alcohol at an early age. In previous years, males were at the head of these figures. However, today the numbers are pretty even. With more and more simple access to alcoholic beverages, social health risks due to multiple cases of liver cancer have skyrocketed.

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9. Tobacco use

Advertising allusive to the use of snuff is illegal in many countries around the world for a couple of decades. However, that does not stop the big tobacco corporations from generating millions of annual profits. Despite the fact that cancer and lung emphysema are closely linked to cigarette smoking, nicotine lovers continue to ignore it.

10. Soft drinks or sodas

These types of drinks are known to not be beneficial to health. However, there are studies that reveal that they can even be carcinogenic. Although it has not been proven that 4-methylimidazole (a substance produced during its manufacture) causes cancer in humans, until now it can only be affirmed in rats, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has cataloged it as a potentially carcinogenic product, especially pancreatic.

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