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Published 2018-04-20
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10 Common mistakes made by parents of newborns and babies

New parents sometimes unknowingly make mistakes that may affect both the development and proper functioning of the toddler. Do you know what mistakes happen most often? What should be avoided when preparing a meal for an infant or putting them to sleep? How to take care of their hygiene and emotions?

1. Forcing babies to eat
If your baby does not want to eat, let him/her do so. In particular, those babies who are currently taught to eat food other than milk, should not be forced to eat this kind of food. If babies are healthy, they should eat what they want and as much as they want, but all with common sense. Don't force your baby to eat another spoonful of food if the baby does not want it. Babies tend to refuse eating when food causes allergy or discomfort in them.

2. Overheating the baby

Overheating is one of the parents' most common mistakes. Chill is associated with discomfort and the risk of colds. Therefore, during winter, we start to dress the kids more, both for a walk and at home. In fear of becoming cold, we dress the child in an extra sweater, warm trousers under thick overalls, woolen cap with a fleece lined hood and wrap the baby again three times with a scarf.

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3. Feeding blended food for too long

You should feed your baby up to 8-9 months of age. More feeding mistakes parents make are frequent meals, insufficient vitamin D supplementation and too much sugar and salt in the diet. Experts note that the infant's diet is usually too poor in nutrients. Often, an unconscious mistake is giving an infant a soup cooked with meat. Why? When preparing soup for a child, the meat should be cooked separately, and later added, but without any decoction. This is due to the fact that it is highly allergenic (the process of protein processing varies when cooking meat for a long time).

4. Putting babies to sleep too late

It often happens that parents do not have a fixed time when they put their child to sleep or because they work late till the afternoon, in the evening they want to spend more time with their toddler. However, allowing your children to do it does not have the best effect on their health. The young body can quickly get tired, which in turn makes falling asleep, being asleep, and waking up in the morning a problem.

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5. Skipping the ritual of falling asleep

A series of constant, calming activities performed before bedtime is extremely important for every toddler. Parents often come up with the erroneous assumption that their child is too old to practice this type of behavior and leave it casually. Meanwhile, bathing, reading, and cuddling help them to calm down after an eventful day. Research shows that thanks to such activities, the child's sleep becomes much more effective. At the same time, it is a signal that it is about time to go to bed, that is why it is easier for them to sleep without any hassle.

6. Panicking when close to a baby

Many people think that a newborn baby does not understand the behavior of others and does not respond adequately. Meanwhile, even the smallest children are able to feel the emotions of their loved ones and react to them instantly with crying or laughing. Therefore, we should be calm when around a baby, not change the tone of the voice violently, do not shout, do not burst out laughing. With such behaviour, we can scare them. Remember, they are very sensitive to external stimuli.

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7. Mistakes in hygiene

Infants' hygiene is extremely important because their delicate body is particularly vulnerable to irritation and infection. Immediately after being dirty, the parents change the child's diapers, wash the skin, and apply oil. However, many caregivers forget about the oral hygiene of the child. The baby's gums should be wiped with a wet swab after each meal. It is only when the baby is over a year that we should use a special gum toothbrush.

8. Putting babies to sleep by swinging

Many mothers and dads breathe a sigh of relief, seeing that the child is slumbering in the back seat of the car or falling asleep while rocking in the home swing. Accustoming a baby to falling asleep in traffic can, however, turn against them. Sooner or later the child will lose the ability to fall asleep in a different way and parents will have to get up at night each time the toddler cries. Rocking is a great way to calm them down, not to put the child to sleep, so when you want to put them to sleep, give up the cradle or carry them in the trolley.

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9. Licking your baby's pacifier

Each of us has bacteria in our mouths - even if we brush our teeth after every meal. However, for those who use the pacifier the moment, it falls on the floor, it collects dust and germs, but it's often thought that the human mouth is much less dangerous. It is difficult to refuse this belief, but at the same time - it is difficult to consider the above solution as optimal. Saliva is really a rich source of bacteria and viruses. Another problem is that it's not completely remedied teeth. Licking the objects, which then land in the mouth of the baby, helps to transfer bacteria, which can cause cavities, gum disease, herpes, etc.

10. Letting babies to sleep in parents' bed too often

Do you let your baby fall asleep in your bedroom several times a week? Such inconsistent practice can contribute to sleep problems in a toddler. They can start using the situation and get away from sleeping alone as well as getting used to sleeping with parents. There are of course exceptions - when a child is sick or afraid - but if there is no need, do not overpower your baby in this way.

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