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Celebrities who are the stingiest!

When you are a celebrity, you are rich especially if you are quite popular or famous for whatever reason! You even get paid to post something on your Instagram account! That is the fancy life you will be living! And for that reason, people do not expect to see you being stingy since most of us can live a year with your monthly salary! Now, imagine being in a restaurant and not tipping! Well, it sure does depend on where you come from and where you are going to but you need to know that celebs are meant to pay more! It is just the mentality that you cannot help so why not go ahead with it?!

Britney Spears

Britney and Kevin divorced in 2006, however, the scandal and the dark shadow that captivated Britney’s life was so deteriorating that she almost lost her career! However, she came back after two years with her Circus tour that was the highest grossing tour! Considering the duration of the time she has been active in the industry, we are pretty sure she is one of the richest of them all! However, this lady has a reputation for tipping terribly! There was even a story about her throwing change and saying that was the tip!

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Maybe you can blame her age, but after almost four decades in the spotlight of the big scenes, Madonna still can take a song, but not as she did before. Although she works very hard and is an excellent artist, Madge has started using voice clues to hide a voice that has already succumbed to the effects of aging. We understand perfectly that everyone needs to pause every once in a while, but when you are an icon of music, you expect a lot more from you. Maybe that is the reason why she is not on ability to pay a fine tip!

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl became huge after starring in 120 episodes of hit TV series, Grey's Anatomy. She was also able to show off her aptitude for acting in comedic roles in romantic comedy Knocked Up. Unfortunately, the last award she won was 5 years ago for "Actress Most in Need of a New Agent". She has been reported to be very demanding and hard to work with, which might be why directors are holding back from casting her. That also is pretty obvious in how genuine she is while paying tips!

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Kirsten Dunst

Nominated for the Golden Globe, when she was 12 years old, she started modeling when she was three years old for children's fashion. The star, even though she is quite successful, has been known as a terrible tipper and we have a proof! Derober.com revealed this: "I work at an exclusive West Hollywood eatery. Kirsten Dunst comes in every once in a while. A couple weeks ago she came in with a few friends (who do nothing but kiss her ass btw). She wasn’t terrible to serve but they did run me around enough to piss me off a bit."

"Let’s just say Kirsten likes wine. She likes in in the middle of the day. And she probably bathes in the stuff based on how she smelled. At the end of a late lunch, my manager took care of the entire bill because he is a huge fan of hers and she talked to him once might have grazed her boob or something, who knows. Anyway, when I get back to the table I look for the tip and just kept on looking. Nada. I guess she multiplied 20% into zero and screwed me. She honestly didn’t look well at the time. I hope she gets better in rehab. I really do. But she needs to learn common courtesy."

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Sharon Stone

The beauty does not always come with the whole package! This is the proof! "A friend of mine was working at the Jefferson Hotel in the restaurant in the Hotel when Sharon Stone came in. Of course, everyone made a huge deal out of her and wanted to get her everything that she wanted. She asked the waitress for Evian water. The waitress informed her that they didn't have that but she would get her some water. Sharon Stone through a fit an insisted. The manager made her run out and get the water for Ms. Stone. Then she left a terrible tip. Typical. The more they run you the less they tip."


Someone who wished his identity not to be revealed said: "Usher, the rap star always comes into the restaurant that I work in. He usually has an entourage and expects lots of perks, as well as great service. One time he came in and left an autograph as a tip - NO CASH at all!! One of his relatives actually does some maintenance for the restaurant and said that Usher NEVER tips and NEVER pays the bill, always letting someone else foot the bill! The last time he came in the restaurant, he ordered an alcoholic drink and was carded."

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"Our restaurant has started carding EVERYONE, no matter if they look old enough. Usher (who I think is underage, but not sure) didn't have any ID and was pleading with the manager (who was brought in to help the "situation") "You know who I am". The manager DID know who he was and was pretty sure he wasn't 21, so he told him "Sorry". I don't think he'll be back and none of us will miss his sorry, non-tipping, thinking a lousy autograph from a crappy rapper is good butt!!"

Mark Zuckerberg

With all the drama going around Mark Zuckerberg and his empire Facebook, he is making many headlines and a lot of things are coming to the light! Like how he is no good when it comes to tipping! When he was in Rome, he probably had forgotten to leave a tip for them! Or not!? After all, we know a lot more about what kind of person he is right now and it is nothing even close to being fine or like any others!

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