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The strangest phobias in the world

Here are some of the strangest phobias in the world that you have never even heard of it before!

Phobophobia - fear of fear
Can you be afraid of fear? It turns out that yes. Phobophobia is a fear of your own phobias. This is a paradox, which is that we are afraid to be afraid, and the thought that fear can paralyze us, wounds a vicious circle and although touched by this phobia try to know their anxieties, to be able to overcome them and desperately does not allow that to be afraid, wriggling even more. Phobophobia concerns anxiety and panic attacks, i.e. it is not anxiety about phobia itself, but before its symptoms - hand tremors, convulsions, pressure surges and lack of self-control.

Aerophobia - fear of air

Aerophobia - fear of air

Such person lives in fear all the time. She is afraid of breathing, gusts of air, wind, drafts. She has a panic fear of riding a lift or a cable car, and above all, she is very afraid of flying by plane. Although the risk of a plane crash is 0.0001 percent, according to the Institute of Public Opinion Research, nearly 30 percent. Poles declare that they think about flying, they are overwhelmed by stress, faster heartbeats, muscle tremors and even loss of control over their behavior.

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Aerophobia - fear of air 1

Erythrophobia - when you are afraid to get red

Are you afraid of public appearances? At the thought of the audience, you sweat your hands and you get baked goods on your face? Perhaps you have erythrophobia, a social phobia, which is caused by a strong fear accompanying situations in which you have to go ahead and present something on the forum. People affected by erythrophobia usually limit social contacts and withdraw from the events in which they would be able to speak. They do not ask questions, do not share their thoughts, all because of the fear that their face will blush.

Haphephobia - fear of touching

The disease also known as afefobia, hafophobia, hapnophobia, haptephobia, haptophobia and tiksophobia particularly hampers social contacts, because a person with this affliction is very afraid to touch anything, including another person. When the hand touches a given subject or person, haphephobic experiences strong discomfort, can get paralysis of the whole body, convulsions, dizziness and lose control.

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Mysophobia - a phobia against pollution and dirt

Mysophobia, also called bacteriophobia, is the fear of any contamination that may be experienced by a patient. Mizophob is afraid of germs, bacteria, viruses, any dirt that could touch her body. This fear is often accompanied by obsessive-compulsive disorder, manifested by obsessive handwashing, taking a shower several times a day and touching something with gloves or a handkerchief. When a patient touches something that seems to be contaminated, she panics, begins to sweat, her hands tremble, the pressure rises, and the heart begins to beat faster.

Erythrophobia - when you are afraid to get red

Xanthophobia - strong fear of yellow color
It turns out that fear can cause even a certain color. Xanthophobia is manifested in fear of yellow. Not only objects in this color cause panic in the patient and make her unable to function properly in their company. In extreme cases, just hearing something in a yellow color causes fear of contact with this thing, hot flashes, muscle tremors, and even aggression.

Koumpounofobia - when you are afraid of buttons
This type of phobia usually appears in childhood and sometimes grows out of it. Children may be afraid to look at the buttons, touch them, fasten them. All contact with the button causes fear, crying, general paralysis or shaking hands. However, it is easy to cope with this disease - it is enough to avoid buttoned clothes and replace them with a zip, velcro, snaps or other bindings.

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Hypnophobia - fear of sleep

Particularly troublesome phobia, which significantly impairs everyday functioning, is the panic fear of falling asleep. Where can the fear of such a natural, physiological need of the body come from? Hypnophobia can occur after experiencing a traumatic experience during sleep, e.g. an attack by other people or under the influence of recurring nightmares. Fear of drastic visions and unnatural dreams means that despite the strong tiredness, hypnotism is very afraid to fall asleep.

Chiclephobia - a phobia before chewing gum

For chewing chocephaly, chewing gum is an unimaginable slaughter. Rubber kept in the mouth is a habitat of bacteria that in the opinion of the suffering of chiclephobia person may be the cause of many diseases. The very idea of using or contact with rubber makes someone afraid of her strong fear, makes him sick and hurts his stomach. Chiclefob not only uses rubber itself but also cannot be accompanied by people who chew it.

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Chronophobia - when time causes fear in us

Chronophobia means fear of clocks and time. Chronophob cannot stand the thought of passing time and passing away. Often the very concepts associated with it, such as past, present, future, sooner, later, days of the week, defining the seasons, names of months or hours cause shivers in the patient. People affected by chronophobia are afraid that they will not be able to do something, that they waste their time on unnecessary activities and do not live life effectively, and lost moments are unrecoverable.

Awizophobia - fear of contact with birds

Awizophobia, otherwise known as ornithophobia, is a neurotic disorder based on panic fear of various types of birds. It may refer to fear of a particular species or to all birds. The sick man trembles at the thought that a bird can fly over his head. Often, he is also afraid of what is associated with birds - beaks, feathers and even eggs. This type of phobia can be associated with a traumatic event in which birds took part.

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Haphephobia - fear of touching
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The strangest phobias in the world
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