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9 Differences between the man who is committed to a woman and the one who only wants her for a while...

Once you start dating guys you realize that they can be classified into two different types, those who are prepared to settle down and have something serious and those who simply want to have fun. It does not mean that one is better than the other, because there is nothing wrong with having fun, and in the same way nothing is wrong with engaging. The problem comes when you establish a relationship with a man who has completely different interests in comparison to yours, something that can be painful in the end. Next, we will give you 9 ways to distinguish them and be aware of who you are dealing with…

1. Future conversations

The man who is ready to settle will talk to you about the future without thinking or be avoiding it. Not in a sticky and aggressive way, but always showing that he is not afraid to think long term. He who wants to entertain himself will try to avoid any of these conversations close to this topic. No matter how much you want to convince him or think where you will be in several months, he will make an effort to live in the moment... Continue your reading to know the 8 remaining sections...

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2. Plans

The boy who is willing to have something serious with you will organize trips for next year, showing that you are important to him and that he does not see another person better in your position. On the other hand, the guy who simply wants to hang out with you will call you to do something this Friday. A difference in mentality that as we said at the beginning does not have to be worse or better, it always depends on what you want...

3. Compliments

The man who wants to engage with you will tell you on more than one occasion that the favorite aspects of your person are your peculiarities and traits of your personality or appearance of which you had never noticed before. The man who wants to have fun will tell you that you are amazing and funny and that everything is fantastic. Maybe over time, it will change the way you see yourself, but if you continue in this way, the safest thing is that it will not change...

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4. Moments

Another of the essential differences in the type of instants that each of the types of males wants to live with you. The first will want to spend a lazy Sunday with you, and any occasion is good to see you again. The man who loves you for a while will call you when he's at the bar so you can come and find yourself in the middle of the night. Different interests and behaviors that you should read to know how to choose...

5. Beloved ones

The boy who is willing to settle with you will be proud to have you in his life and let you enter it. This means introducing yourself to your parents and all your friends, without keeping any secrets. He who just wants to entertain himself will never tell his parents and eventually, his friends will know about you by chance. Although each situation is different, you should be aware of what happens…

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6. Passwords

The guy who is ready for a compromise shares Netflix's password with you, as well as other important secrets of his life. The man who simply loves you for a while does not have the necessary skills to take that step in your relationship now. It is a matter that has to do with the trust and love between two beings, details that make the difference between the future and the present... Does it ring a bell? Tell us!

7. Memories

The boy who wants to establish a stable and lasting relationship with you will remember all the little details of you and your life that you mentioned, even if you said it only unimportantly once. The man who wants pure fun will have a hard time remembering how many brothers you have or what career you developed in college. His lack of interest is reflected in something more profound because his look is more superficial...

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8. Problems

The man who builds something serious with you feels comfortable talking to you when you have had a bad day or there is something in your mind that worries you. He sees you as an unconditional support, a person to trust. If your partner belongs to the group that just wants to be entertained, the safest thing is to try to avoid all kinds of arguments, without thinking much and postponing the bad moments as much as possible...

9. Leisure

The guy who wants to settle down with you will love to spend a Friday night watching movies on the couch. On the contrary, the one who wishes you to have a good time will always want to party, in nightclubs or bars until late at night.
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