Published 2018-04-23
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9 Ways to recognize a true hypocrite...

One of the most toxic personalities that we can find in any society is that of the hypocrites. Unfortunately, it is precisely because of their nature that sometimes it takes a lot of work to know their true intentions since they usually hide their steps behind a veil of false friendship that deceives too many people. But, if you really want to discover them effectively, we encourage you to read the most characteristic features. Surely you are able to identify someone from your environment.

1. They are gossip lovers

Not only are they not able to keep a secret, but they are dying to be able to tell everyone, without caring in the least the damages that may be suffered by the people involved. They live and squeeze this moment as if it were a small treat. For this reason, it is quite common to be treated as if they were your trustworthy person to relate the last thing that has happened to your acquaintances and that way you share the information you know. Needless to say, everything you say will be, in turn, divulged to the four winds. Know all the traits and avoid spreading their actions.

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2. Everyone has a very negative opinion about them

Although many people fall for the first time in their networks of manipulation, the truth is that usually all their affected end up joining against and begin to circulate a very negative opinion about their actions. If you discover that someone you suspect begins to raise bad reputation, remember the famous saying "When the river sounds, it's because it carries water" and prepare for the worst. At least if you already know which foot they can avoid your strokes more easily.

3. They constantly demand attention

If they cannot be the center of attention they feel terribly uncomfortable. That is why they will try by all means to approach popular people or that they can facilitate the task of becoming the center of attention. Generally, they will seek to surround themselves also with all those people who feel devotion to their comments and who serve as reinforcement to encourage their toxic behavior. For their part, these types of people respond with flattery and very positive comments, in many cases exaggerated. Your way of relating to the people closest to you is the best way to discover them.

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4. They only help if they get benefit

Seeing one of those people collaborating with another is an event of an extraordinary nature. But do not be fooled by that attitude, because they only do it if they get something positive in return for themselves. This will be noticed because they will leave you alone in bad times and will always look for you when you can serve them to reach their own goals. The worst thing is that they always try to disguise it as a supposed feeling of Samaritanism as if you were blind.

5. They do not mind betraying a friendship to achieve a goal

If you have to sacrifice someone to achieve what they propose, they will not repair expenses. They directly treat people as currency, which they only need because of what they are going to get from them. They will never care about values ​such as loyalty, sacrifice or respect towards others because their own well-being is much more important. That is why selfishness is possibly its main beacon of guidance. Do not be surprised if you are easily replaced by someone more loyal. The negative attitude they show to everyone always betrays them.

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6. They say a lot but they do little

Apart from that, they do not usually preach with the word, because they never do what they say they should do, they usually sin of not keeping their word in most cases. It is perfectly clear what would be ethically acceptable to them and even what could benefit everyone the most. Unfortunately, they will not do so quickly if the result is not quick or of personal interest. It is very common, however, to try to make others follow their advice for the common good.

7. They only show respect for their superiors

The only people for whom they seem to show some kind of respect is always the people who hold a position of power. Of course, it has nothing to do with his own personality, sympathy or affinity, but simply with the goal of getting as much as possible from them. It is therefore very common to see them laughing at their jokes, accompanying their achievements or allying themselves against the enemies of their bosses. Everything changes if they manage to overcome them in rank, forgetting old friendships after the new shift boss.

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8. Criticize people who are better than them

When they see someone who can overshadow them, they begin to try to maneuver against them, identifying them as threats to their power and their reign of control over their worshipers. It is therefore very common to try to put as many obstacles as possible to discredit them. In spite of this, they will always show a smile when they talk to them, trying to avoid a direct confrontation and trying to act in a ladino and elusive way.

9. Be excessively helpful

Perhaps the most special and easily detectable feature is that they always try to behave in the most apparently helpful way possible, managing to appear extremely polite and friendly. Since their intentions are never very positive, however, they end up giving themselves away quickly, leaving behind their true personal motivations and beginning to change their attitude towards people who do not help them in their goals. Always try to have them well identified and kept away to avoid their manipulations.

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