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Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay...

Planet Earth is supposedly the only celestial body in the universe that houses exist inside it, at least that's what we know according to the technology that we currently have. It was not always like that, because in the beginning, our world was not a place where you could live: its surface was covered with lava and the air that flooded every corner was unbreathable for any of the current living beings. A series of phenomena and some other possibilities gave rise to life millions of years later.

Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay... 1

Nowadays, the human being is the dominant species. We have managed all the resources of our planet at our whim. On many occasions, over-exploitation can cause irreversible damage, but we do not really consider what will happen to the generation of tomorrow. It is often said that the Earth knows what is happening and that one day it will awaken with a huge fury to destroy all those who are hurting it. Today, we have a story about "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay...

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Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay... 2

A couple of months ago, a singular event occurred in which supposedly some strange entities would be involved. According to the informant who experienced these genuine phenomena, everything happened in the vicinity of Mazaredo Bay, in Santa Cruz, Argentina. So much impression caused to the witness of this, that he looked for a portal to express his find and he decided to communicate it in MUFON...

Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay... 3

MUFON is an American non-profit organization that tries to investigate cases of extraterrestrial appearances and UFOs. On their website, they echoed the facts that relate a local villager, who could not believe what he saw. Before narrating this exciting story, we have to express that the information lacks the necessary evidence to not suspect or doubt its validity, which should ultimately be the readers who judge for themselves about the truth of the news...

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The witnesses have remained anonymous, but their data and testimonies have become archived as the case No. 88710 of MUFON. There you can see satellite snapshots showing the exact place where everything originated. "We were driving through the national 281 towards the desired port. Our purpose was to see the old post office in Mazaredo, something belonging to the ruler Roca, president of the early twentieth century", the informant reported.

But that's not where it ends: "When it got dark we arrived at the place but everything was deserted. Our intention was to be in the vicinity during the course of a week, without knowing the events that we would get to experience. At the beginning of the next day we went to a nearby beach, walking to take pictures and videos of those places, a really beautiful place to visit... "

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The report continues: "on the way down a cliff, and on top of a relief we could see 5 white cars, and in them certain individuals with transparent outfits. The last of the cars had a kind of weapon that pointed towards the sea, emitting a sound similar to that used by cetaceans to communicate. The melody continued for several seconds, and then found an answer from the bottom of the waters... "

"Then, those beings look towards our position and we began to make gestures with our arms to greet them, they responded equally. Later we approached the shore, and we were able to converse with two men, who asked us if we had come to see the post office. Before our affirmative they informed us that we did not forget to contemplate a bronze plaque in the monument, and they showed us the exact way to be able to enjoy it", they expressed through the MUFON portal.

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Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay... 4

"However, before leaving, we asked them about the device they had deployed there, and about the device with a conical shape, to our amazement they did not hide anything. They said they were looking for an essential scientific element for them. During the three days after this talk, these researchers did not leave the place and did not try to hide their interests", the statement continues...

Strange humans communicate with "SOMETHING" in the Sea in Mazaredo Bay... 5

"When we looked at the snapshots that we made we realized that everything had been fused in white, we have no proof, but we will not forget what we witness... The only thing that has remained is a strange triangle in the satellite image of that area..."
What can all this mean? Will it be related to the ARA San Juan?
Thus we come to the end of our article, we hope that it has inspired you or at least entertained. What do you think?

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