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Published 2018-04-24
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7 Rules of a healthy life according to Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn did not like the red carpet. She felt best when she was at home, surrounded by her family and close friends. She liked to party because, apart from the cinema, her greatest passion was cooking. She lived a healthy life. Not because it was fashionable or not. It just made her happy. An intimate portrait of the cinema icon from the kitchen was presented in the book. Audrey, when at home, was described by her youngest son Luca Dotti.

This is an image of Audrey Hepburn, which was not known, a fulfilled mom and wife, a talented cook and a great hostess. The item is filled not only with previously unpublished photos but also recipes for dishes that the actress served in the comfort of her home. On the occasion of the release of the book in the US, Dotti in an interview for the Yahoo! health service revealed the most important principles guided by Audrey Hepburn - not only to have a healthy body but also a soul.

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1. Hydrating your body

Audrey Hepburn paid a lot of attention to drinking water. She was very scrupulous. Her son admitted - "She was very careful to drink the right amount of water and eat a lot of vegetables - she was brought up in this way." She was perfectly aware of how important this was. She insisted that everyone around her drink a lot of water. And ate a lot of vegetables. It was due to the way she was brought up.

2. Enjoy small things in life

Yes, we should enjoy small things in life. She was always able to get excited like a little girl and was accompanied by her childish, often naive, optimism. She enjoyed everything: from shopping, through a new recipe, to finding something new. Instead of worrying about exaggeration, she preferred to live day by day and enjoy what favors her.

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3. Detox days

Audrey did detox about once a month. She ate mainly vegetables, fruit, and yogurts and also drank large amounts of water. She believed that thanks to one or several days of cleansing diet she did not feel sluggish and tired. It was also her way of adding energy after a long flight by plane. Detox is not necessary, but it has a beneficial effect on our body.

Every day we are exposed to toxins, contained primarily in food, and negative emotions, bad habits, and polluted air. If we absorb all these toxins for a certain period of time, most likely - sooner or later - they will cause many health problems. Thanks to the cleansing diet you will be able to eliminate free radicals, leading to really serious diseases. By the way, you will improve the functioning of the whole organism.

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4. 80% vegetables and fruit

Audrey was not a vegetarian, but vegetables and fruits were the basis of her diet. The meat was eaten sporadically, in very small portions. "Our house used to be a farm, so I thought as a child that it would be worth starting to grow a few chickens or rabbits. My mother admitted that it was a good idea, but impossible because no one in my household would dare to kill them", Luca Dotti recalled.

5. Seasonal cuisine

The actress made sure that her menu would contain mainly seasonal vegetables and fruits that she could get at the local market stall. She always appreciated small things, everyday life - she carefully prepared meals, made sure they were valuable. She did not eliminate specific ingredients from the diet, but she paid a lot of attention to the fact that the products were not processed. She did not allow herself to eat "anything", the greatest pleasure she derived from eating meals prepared by herself.

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6. A life full of activities

Swimming, running, cycling - these are just some of the sports opportunities. However, here we are talking not only about sport but also about everyday traffic. Audrey's entire days filled with commitments, work, charity, which kept her moving. Of course, lying on the couch was, but rather long walks not for her, bike or beloved ballet. She did not like laziness and wasting time.

7. Don't be afraid of being old

In the old age, people lose the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to look positively on the world and people, sense of humor. They are surprised by many things. Less and less interested in general matters, but also those concerning friends, even close ones. Audrey had a very healthy approach to this subject. It is known that she complained about wrinkles or grey hair, but with age, she enjoyed life even more.

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