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Published 2018-04-24
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7 Rules of a healthy life according to Audrey Hepburn

1. Hydrating your body

Audrey Hepburn paid a lot of attention to drinking water. She was very scrupulous. Her son admitted - "She was very careful to drink the right amount of water and eat a lot of vegetables - she was brought up in this way." She was perfectly aware of how important this was. She insisted that everyone around her drink a lot of water. And ate a lot of vegetables. It was due to the way she was brought up.

2. Enjoy small things in life

Yes, we should enjoy small things in life. She was always able to get excited like a little girl and was accompanied by her childish, often naive, optimism. She enjoyed everything: from shopping, through a new recipe, to finding something new. Instead of worrying about exaggeration, she preferred to live day by day and enjoy what favors her.

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