Published 2018-04-24
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9 Combinations of signs that will experience 3 months of wild love but then everything will get worse...

2. Taurus and Cancer

Initially, it is possible that both of them feel and notice that they have the same vision of the world and love, deeply interpenetrating themselves. Taurus and Cancer love the tranquility of the home, and they are usually those two signs that are quite affectionate and even "sticky". However, there is a problem that in most cases becomes insurmountable. The changing nature of the Cancer and their emotional fragility will collide with the stubbornness of the Taurus ...

2. Taurus and Cancer

3. Gemini and Gemini

There are two very specific scenarios at best. The tension between Gemini will have exceptional or totally fateful results. The relationship will be full of blaming and arguments and will never create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere at home. Gemini is not always so reliable, committed and loyal. They may hold a grudge for years and in consequence, lead to the breakup.

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3. Gemini and Gemini
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