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Published 2018-04-24
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Which nail shape is the best for you?

When is it worth to think about giving a beautiful shape to your nails? Is it only when you can grow strong and long nails? Of course not. Nails can change the look of the whole hand, and, above all, soften it. Of course, we will not discuss personal preferences, because we do not discuss our tastes. However, we will give you some tips that are worth recommending. Thanks to them, you increase the chances of obtaining an elegant, well-groomed and slender hand.

Which nail shape is the best for you? 1

How long should be your nails? A slender hand, with long fingers, looks good in both longer and shorter nails but should watch out for extremely long tiles and with sharp edges. Inadvertently you can get the effect of "claws". The basic rule is that the shorter your fingers are, the longer the nail should be. It is a way to slim your hands. Of course, all within common sense. Now, we will give you 7 shapes of nails. Keep reading to know them all!
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Which nail shape is the best for you? 2

1. Pointed "Stilleto"

These pointed, bold nails are extremely popular, especially among celebrities. They add attractiveness and significantly extend the hand. Unfortunately, they are not easy to maintain and they are not practical. They work best in the short term, for example before an important event. For whom is this shape? Those with longitudinal fingers and nails. Manicure for this type: both classic shades and subtle patterns.

2. Coffin or ballerina

This nail shape is similar to the "stiletto" nail but has a square tip that looks like a coffin or a ballerina slipper. It's a good shape if you want to try something different. You can create a coffin look on a natural tile, but it will look much better on artificial nails. For whom? For those who love extended nails. Manicure: Simple patterns and pale, neutral colors.

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3. Oval square - "Squoval"

These nails are partially square, partially oval, gently and naturally filed edges are neither sharpened nor rounded, which makes them suitable for all shapes and sizes of hands. For whom this shape is appropriate? Especially, for manicurist minimalists. The best manicure for this type and shape of nails are pastels, they work best.

4. Square

It is one of the most popular shapes, but it does not fit all types of hands. Squares look best with owners of long and narrow fingers. Ladies with short and wide fingers should avoid this shape. The straight edges give this nail a subtle look without much effort. Squares, however, are vulnerable to constraints. You can strengthen them with an additional layer of gel or acrylic. For whom? Long and slender fingers. Manicure: Solid color, muted, flesh-colored shades.

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5. Round

Round nails are ideal for women who want to lengthen short or plump fingers. This simple and classic nail shape is the easiest to maintain, which is why most women choose this shape. Round nails are fracture resistant. For whom this nail shape is appropriate? For those with short or plump fingers. Manicure: Any shade, from the clearest to the most toned down.

6. Almonds

Everyone likes almond-shaped nails because they are very attractive and known for their feminine and classic look. Almonds are slender on the sides and broad at the base - they resemble a real almond. For whom is this shape? For those with long or slender fingers. The manicure that fits the best: ideally suited for geometric decorations.

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7. Oval nails

The most classic type, ideal for practically every hand. This shape is similar to almonds, but the tip of the ovals is more soft and rounded. It is natural, elegant, and strong, making it less susceptible to puffs. For whom? For those with wide natural tiles or long nail lengths. Manicure which fits this shape the best: this shape works well with decorations.

A short tip at the end

If you are struggling with the problem of short and wide fingers, in addition to the shape of the nail, the type of nail polish and the way you use it are also important. Rather, put on pearly, shimmering colors. They do not have to be clear, because there is a trick through which and in the dark, the hand will look slim. And what is it about? On leaving two unpainted stripes on the side.

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