Published 2018-04-24
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Hired by Facebook, then by Google, 21-year-old millionaire gives advice on how to achieve success

If you think you are too young to achieve success then you are wrong. If you think you are not clever enough to create something unique, you are wrong again. You can fulfill your dreams if you really believe in them! 21-year-old Michael Sayman proves that you can achieve anything if you really do your best. At the age of 13, he creates his first app for a smartphone. 4 years later he was offered an internship at Facebook which gave him a full-time job later. Now he works at Google and is a millionaire.

You probably think that this is a dream or a fairy tale but indeed, this young man achieved all these things in his life! "It's insane because my overall life trajectory has never been one where I could imagine anything that's happened. None of this has felt real. This all just kind of feels like this is all just a dream and I'm just going to wake up and return to my normal life. The idea that I've worked with Mark Zuckerberg is just so freaking strange to me. Or being able to be at companies like Facebook and Google" says Michael.

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You may be jealous of his perfect life and enormous success achieved at such young age but it turns out that his life hasn’t always been so fortunate. He experienced first hardships in 2008 when the recession hit. His family was struggling to pay the bills so he wanted to help using the money that he earned while designing smartphone apps. He has never been a spoilt child who earned own money and could buy what he wanted. due to all the family hardships he learned an important lesson and now wants give advice to those who want to achieve success too.

You don't have to be a genius

You don’t have to be a genius to achieve success. Don’t make excuses! Instead, take initiative and make the first step to success. Then it will be just easier. "The thing that bothers me the most about that is that it implies that there's something inherent to me that I was born with - that others are not born with — that has propelled me to where I am, rather than the opportunities that the internet has simply made available to me and that I've been able to just take advantage of and learn over time," explains Michael. Effort, motivation and a little bit of lack - this is what you need.

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Don't depend on others

If you just depend on others and count that they will help you achieve your success then, in the end, you may be disappointed. You’d better not allow anyone to control your success. This is what Michael is certain about "The biggest thing I think I learned over time was to never really depend on anybody for my success. No matter what, no matter how nice somebody is, no matter who they are, if they're related to me or not, whatever the case may be - never to put my success dependent on somebody else's actions." Always appreciate any help and contribution but don’t rely on them.

Your unique background is crucial

Sayman claims that his childhood was a stressful experience as his family was not able to make ends meet. Thanks to his resourcefulness he could help them. He says that thanks to that painful experience, he could learn a lot from the pressure that compelled him to maintain a family at such a young age. "Because there was so much of this existential crisis in my family at times where we didn't know if we had enough money for food some days or to pay the electricity bill or things like that, the necessity to generate income, to create something big and to kind of take things onto myself were huge. So those, I think, who live without that pressure have a disadvantage, because there's not that existential crisis that chases them throughout their childhood."

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Take risks

It’s worth taking risks! Even if you are scared and nervous about the aftermath, it’s better to risk and have a chance for some development than sit, make excuses and do nothing. Michael claims that at the beginning he was also scared but then he started to make more risky and brave decisions such as starting working with Google even if people at Facebook were like family to him. "And I thought, well, maybe if I do this leap and it doesn't work out, I'll learn from it. But regardless of what ends up happening, it'll be an experience that I hadn't had before." It seems that this decision paid off as so far he loves working at Google. "I would say it's one of the most exciting opportunities I've had in a long time," says Sayman.

Spend your money in a meaningful way

You don’t have to follow a strict budget. Just invest in things that make some difference and make you happy! Generally, spend money on things that support your values. Sayman claims that now he chooses things that make his life convenient but don’t have to make it more luxurious. Comfort and happiness matter more. "I tend to be more spontaneous with things. I tend to live, I guess, basic enough on the day-to-day that when I do have these moments where I'm like, 'Let's go to Disney World!' and we all just go to Disney World, I can do it without a problem."- he explains.

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Learn to save your money

There are people who are not able to save their money. No matter how much they earn, they waste it the moment they get it. Sayman says that his parents never taught him how to save money. He had to acquire that skill himself. So he is not an unwise man who wastes money all the time but also he doesn’t cry before spending every single note."I still kind of just want to go out and have a drink sometimes with friends and just kind of go crazy and be irresponsible once in a while." - he explains.

Learning and improving

Once you achieve success, you cannot stop developing and improving your skills. You can’t be too proud and boastful because it will just slow you down. Michael advises you to take modest and wise approach. He constantly reminds himself that he is not so special and can still achieve more. "... There are millions of kids out there who are smarter than me, who know how to code way better than I ever did, who are better designers, better engineers, and they don't have what I have," says the young millionaire. If you keep all these things in mind, you can only get better.

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