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Most attractive male stars according to science

Beauty is a definition not so precise as it changes based on your taste. As they say, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ but we are here to tell you that this is wrong based on a list created by Dr. Julian De Silva, a London facial cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the eyes, nose, face and neck area. Dr. Julian De Silva says: "Digital face mapping has allowed scientists to test the theory that Clooney is the most handsome man in the world – and it turns out that we were right for all of these years."

Based on Harpersbazaar: "The system works by taking the average of 12 key markers over the whole face including lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows, chin, forehead and facial shape. The results are then compared to the Greek Golden Ratio of 1.618, which is considered the height of beauty."
And now according to this measurement, we have a list of the most handsome female celebrities in Hollywood.

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8. Zayn Malik

The former member of the One Direction band, Zayn Malik, is known to be quiet and a little shy, which is why people think he is a bad boy. But out of the spotlight, it really is, since Malik has tricked 2 of his girlfriends since they posted compromising messages for Malik while maintaining a relationship with model Gigi Hadid. He recently announced he broke up with the girlfriend, Gigi. He and his ex-team member are both considered beauties!

7. Ryan Gosling

Many of you may remember him from this beautiful musical entitled "La La Land", where he played with Emma Stone. He's a really nice guy and it seems that this is the reason why he became so popular and famous. Moreover, it may look like his roles on the screen match perfectly the person who he is in real life. Did you know that Ryan Gosling stopped a fight on the street back in 2011? He is not only a sweetheart but also one of the most attractive ones according to science!

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6. Will Smith

Will Smith who was born on the 25th of September 1968 was titled the most powerful actor in Hollywood in 2007 by Newsweek and to all of us, he really is! We have seen him evolve and step into the path of fame. We witnessed his success and we have all watched him grow into one of the most inspirational actors of all time and the great father. Forbes named him as the most bankable star in the whole world. He is the winner of four Grammy Awards. He donated $1.3 million to charities in 2007!

5. David Beckham

In 1999 he was on the most successful stage of his career as a soccer player and with his wife Victoria Beckham, they were already one of the world's most famous and fashionable couples. Their popularity grew much after they matched together. It was then that the member of the Spice Girls gave birth to their first son Brooklyn Beckham. David believes that his family is his best achievement. He admits being a house-husband. He is also known as one of the most attractive ones.

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4. Harry Styles

To some, this might be a surprise that Zayn took the number 8 spot but his former band member is on the 4th. Well, he earned it! Just look at that face! One Direction had been the most successful British youth group for many years and now he is leading a successful solo career. This singer is also known for having 4 nipples! However, nothing can stop him from showing up on this list and claiming his crown as one of the most attractive male stars!

3. Brad Pitt

It would seem that this actor was born as a star, but he was not always so famous around the world. Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Missouri. Then he moved to Los Angeles to try his chances in acting. But first, he found a job at the restaurant El Pollo Loco, where he dressed up as a giant chicken and invited people to take a meal. However, it all paid off as now he is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and also the third most attractive one on this list.

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2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is the one who got the second spot! He is not only handsome but he knows another language! The event that showed everyone the language capabilities of Cooper was an interview that the actor had given in May 2011, promoting the second part of the famous movie "The Hangover". In addition, playing a role in the movie "Burnt" also known under the title of "Adam Jones", where he plays a chef, also serves French and... he is a barbarian!

1. George Clooney

George Clooney is no surprise since he was named as the Se*iest Man Alive twice! George Clooney is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, activist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is the receiver of many accolades. He was a member of President Obama's campaigns supporters in 2008. He also is a supporter of LGBT.

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Most attractive male stars according to science
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