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Things that married couples confessed they wasted money on at their wedding!

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful days for the couple, the girl is walking on cloud nine and the man only thinks about the bride and is smitten even by the thought of being able to spend the rest of his life with her. Depending on the culture, the ceremony is different but they all have one thing in common and that is the fact that they cost a lot of money! No matter how hard you try to lessen the cost, you still need to pay a fortune and for that reason, we have a list of the things married couples believed they wasted money on according to their answers on to cut your expense to half!

The huge guest list

The huge guest list

Jenthejedi said: "17 years ago, spent £8k ($9.5k?) We had a big church wedding, 150 people. Looking back now it was a massive waste of money. We were pushed to invite loads of relatives that we've maybe seen once or twice since, we spent a fortune on flowers that seemed important but we didn't even notice on the day, big wad of cash behind the bar, half the food didn't get eaten etc etc etc....tbh it was a super day but the most cherished memory for both me and my husband is holding hands, grinning like maniacs at each other when we were taking our vows."

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The huge guest list 1

"If I could do it again or pass on advice, it would keep the guests to close family and friends, forget the elaborate centerpieces and flowers, designer dress and cake, keep it simple because you simply will not notice the fancy details on the day. ..and blow the cash you've saved on an amazing honeymoon. just my opinion, I wish you luck and happiness in the future."
The small details
Jennriver said: "I got married in CA last month. I hated the thought of spending 30k on a wedding, but in my area, it's veeeeery difficult to have a traditional wedding that is less than 20k."

The huge guest list 2

"I even cut out hard alcohol, traditional centerpieces, makeup, and accessories.The parts that I think are needless are the small details that you see on Pinterest (special ring box, getting ready outfits, signs, large centerpieces, videographer, accessories you only plan to wear for one day etc. it all adds up) The biggest parts of the cost of weddings are location, food, alc*h*l, and vendors. If you and your partner prioritize what is important to you it will be easier to cut stuff out."

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The huge guest list 3

A big wedding

Frogsgoribbit737 said: "Both my husband and I wanted to go to the courthouse, but my family guilted me into a wedding making me feel like a terrible daughter for it. I honestly don't think I'll ever completely forgive them for it and if I ever hear the "a wedding is for family" line again, I might punch someone. I was in the same boat as you. I didn't want to spend any money. I didn't want to be the center of attention. I didn't have anyone to invite except family I see once a year and don't even like."

A big wedding

"And I just don't enjoy things like really fancy expensive dresses that just make me look like I'm playing dress up because I'm m so short, shoving cake into my husband's mouth or dancing in front of people or even just KISSING in front of people. PDA makes me very uncomfortable, especially in front of my family. God. Having to kiss after the vows was terrible. The point is, you may have to compromise, but you won't feel any better just because you're there. It's going to s*ck if you don't take charge and stick up for yourself. If your guy wants a wedding, you'll have to make sure that you're not giving in to anything that makes you really uncomfortable."

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A big wedding 1

Makeup and hair

Aaaaalison said: "$20k for the destination wedding in Kona, HI in 2014, about 60 guests. I regret spending so much on makeup and hair, which looked pretty crummy by the end of the night because I'm not used to taking care of that stuff (my hair can't hold a curl and the fake lashes were distracting). Wish we got the videographer. The photos are nice, but I keep replaying scenes from our wedding in my head and I worry about forgetting those scenes one day."

Makeup and hair

Wedding insurance

Glitchypink said: "One thing I regret paying for was wedding insurance. I had been made redundant once and was concerned it would happen again so I specifically brought wedding insurance to cover us in the event of a second redundancy, which in the end did happen and was needed. We researched insurance companies and chose one that offered a redundancy package so we could pay for any outstanding wedding costs."

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Wedding insurance

"I applied for the paperwork to process my application and sent it off and was told (rather rudely, I thought) that we were not covered because they had found a little loophole that they could take advantage of. By that time, it was too late to appeal, which sucked."
The cake
Cdcf2284 said: "$3000 for everything. It was one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen. (I may be a bit partial). It was perfect. My only regret was the cake. She charged me more than what was quoted and it was as dry as a saltine cracker. It was gorgeous, but nobody ate it and it all went in the trash."

Wedding insurance 1

And Cnflare said: "While we spent some money on ridiculous things like overly elaborate programs and silly overpriced lego brides and grooms, I don't regret most of it. The only thing I wouldn't have gotten, and I think this will be a popular answer, is the favors. I had heard a couple times that edible was the way to go if you want people to take them, so we got a bunch of British candies (husband is British, I'm American and the wedding was in the US). About 70 percent of them were left at the tables, and I'm positive no one would have been offended if they weren't there. Ah well, live and learn."

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