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Published 2018-04-26
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How to know that you drink too much caffeine


If you happen to drink more coffee than you should drink then you may have some problems with your heart. some of the symptoms that should make you worried include dizziness, quicker breathing, higher pulse and the feeling of tension in your chest. Drinking too much of caffeine on a regular basis is detrimental especially for people who suffer from heart diseases as excessive consumption of caffeine may even lead to the heart attack.


Digestive system

Coffee stimulates your digestion - you probably noticed this fact. However, as regards to your digestive system, this is probably the only benefit that coffee provides you with. The excessive amount of coffee that comes through your digestive system generates additional acid in your stomach which may often lead to heartburn, reflux and your stomach may also ache more which is definitely now what you expect from drinking this aromatic liquid.

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Digestive system
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