Published 2016-12-29
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What do GSM / GPRS / 3G and 4G mobile symbols mean?

When we look at our mobile screen we see some letters and numbers as they want to tell us something. But, what is behind these strange symbols? Although some of us know, most of us don’t even have a clue about it other than the varying internet speed which is related to the number behind the G. For example 2G, 3G and 4G.

These symbols became important when we started using data in our mobiles. It is related to the age of antennas and the coverage of the company that provides the access to networks of networks. For now it has nothing to do with the mobile but later we will be able to see a case in which the model itself can limit the speed of your connection.

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If we were to see the symbols like GSM or GPRS it means we might be using one of the oldest data technologies. Basically we would be talking about technology that would not allow us to speed up the Internet, loading all the content very slowly. We should only consider those with apps that use only a little data like Whatsapp or something similar. If this symbol appears to us, we might have found ourselves in the area without much reception.

Only for use as guidance measure, we suggest you the speed at which you can download data from the Internet using the GPRS. This will help you to position yourself in real terms and help you find what you're looking for. Use it as if it were the speed at which circulates a car on a highway. Now imagine that our car data can flow at most to 0'053 Mbps. A real turtle. Far from the speed at which we can get to navigate.

lf the symbol E appears the coverage will already be better than the before ones, but not very fast. The speed will be at a sad 0.217 Mbps, which will remain too slow for heavy websites. If we think we have to download photos, videos, advertising and that page will have to head to another place, as the task will be endless. We remain, therefore, limited to a use of WhatsApp or a little else.

HSPA + or H + is higher than the E technology, but it is becoming a technology pertaining to the 3G family. By little we've seen an announcement of moving this letter and we will ring this number to relatives. Your download is starting to be much more decent, reaching a speed of 7.2 Mbps. Our car is going much faster. Yet hardly going to walking speed.

When 3G symbol begins to appear you will be able to enjoy high speed Internet. Most phones are capable of supporting this technology and many of them find their stop here. Its speed is starting to be very fast, allowing us to download applications, watch videos and surf without difficulty. The speed is up to 168 Mbps. All quantitative and qualitative leap. So our car is pretty fast now.

Finally we have the latest communication technologies. At least for now. 4G is what allows us to travel the world wide Internet at speeds that can reach 3900 Mbps. Although we have this mode, we must note that our phone cannot travel at that speed if not supported. If your mobile phone is old, or when you bought it 4G wasn't there yet and used to be an old technology, this wouldn't work on it. Remember to buy a mobile with 4G technology if you want to travel at the speed you have contracted.

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