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Most handsome BODYGUARDS of celebrities!

"The Bodyguard" is an American romantic thriller movie directed by Mick Jackson in 1992, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston as we all remember. Costner was the handsome member of the security service. He would do everything to protect a star of music (Houston) from a stalker and later love would emerge... The debut of the movie in the world of the action was a worldwide success, with more than 411 million dollars raised ( The second-highest grossing film of 1992). We do not know if the guys in our article live similar stories, but the truth is that they are as handsome or even more!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry prefers a handsome and tattooed man when it comes to safety during her trips around the world. We could see them together in places like London or Philadelphia. And he does not seem to be the first on the list because a few years ago she had another employee with whom she appeared several times on the red carpet of some important awards and ceremonies. If you have to always be with her, you better match her beauty, right?

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If there is an escort who wins to look good and do their duty, we can talk about Beyonce’s bodyguard, Julius de Boer. The famous guard has been protecting the star since 2008, accompanying her on her short journeys to the airport for important events such as the post-Oscar party. When things get too crazy and out of control, Jay-Z acts as a protector but even when he is not around Julius de Boer comes to rescue!

Kristen Stewart

The muscular man in charge of Kristen Stewart's life has been seen alongside the 25-year-old actress for quite some time and even has a Facebook page dedicated to his personal beauty. No doubt they may be exaggerating, but the truth is that everyday they create more fan club improbably. What do you think? Is he handsome enough to even "shadow" one of the most acclaimed youth performers?

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Lady Gaga

While Lady Gaga does not always seem to have the right taste when it comes to choosing her clothes, what we cannot deny is that she knows how to choose the men who accompany her to take care of her. Her most recent companion, Peter van der Veen was employed by her for several months, and we are not surprised. Luckily he does not dress as gaudily as she does since he has to go relatively unnoticed…

Britney Spears

When you have children to protect, a guard is essential to avoid any disaster. The celebrity Britney Spears also has an escort with whom she has been seen on numerous occasions, like when she was going to shopping or simply on family days. These boys are hired as you can see by very popular people, who also have many "haters"…

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber also has several burly boys of confidence but is usually seen with this gentleman. This man, Michael Arana, made headlines last year after being arrested for getting too violent when the paparazzi tried to take a picture of the Canadian singer. If someone needs an escort who is attentive 24 hours a day that is Justin, as there have been few attacks and conflicts he has had with public…

Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift stands out for having a whole team of guards for her tours, the truth is that there was one that attracted the eyes of all last December. He seems angry or overly serious in all the snapshots we have, but the truth is that he manages his job the best, a hard profession where you can never let your guard down.

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Shah Rukh Khan

Deepak Singh is one of the most handsome bodyguards of Bollywood! He protects stars like Madhuri Dixit, Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez. Even though he’s got his own security guard agency, he still protects our stars probably only to grace our feeds with his picture with our favorite stars. He was dreaming of being a cricket player but right now he is the dream of all the ladies out there including us.

Salman Khan

Shera is the bodyguard that escorted Justin Bieber when he came here and whenever famous international celebrities come to India, he is the one who is in charge of protecting them. He has been working with Salman Khan for quite some time now. What shocks everyone is the salary he receives which is Rs 15 Lakh per month, which is almost Rs 2 crore per year.

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