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INTELLIGENCE TEST: Only those with higher IQ are able to solve these 6 riddles...

Among the many tasks of the security forces, one is to solve the many crimes that happen in the day to day. There is no doubt that they are very prepared, but in some cases, the resolution of a particular mystery can leave their competencies. In today's article, we will show six enigmatic cases that could not be closed at any given time in history. Do you think that you belong to the 2% of the population that has the capacity to find the solution? Let's start with the tests...

1. The prisoner and the marbles

1. The prisoner and the marbles

Three centuries ago, an English king captured the most famous pirate of the Caribbean. The prisoner would know that he would never leave the prison alive, so he begged the monarch to let him out. He proposed a game: he would put two marbles in a glass jar, one blue and one black. If he took the first one he would be free, but if he grabbed the second he would be executed by hanging. Of course, she blindfolded him so she would not see anything. The king was very cruel and placed two black marbles; How could the pirate get away?

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1. The prisoner and the marbles 1

The pirate knew very well that the ruler was not going to let him escape, so he was sure that the two balls were black. How could he persuade the jury that he had chosen blue? Very simple: he only picked up one of the random marbles and swallowed it. Evidently, the court saw that the one that was left was the darkest one, which means the ball that he swallowed was "blue". The king was furious, but he had no choice but to free him forever. What wit the pirate had!

2. The crime of the mountain

2. The crime of the mountain

A couple went climbing to a nearby Sierra to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Family members longed for their return because they had a surprise party ready for them. Sadly, only the man showed up at the house and informed that his wife had suffered a fall that ended her life. Immediately an investigation was opened to verify what happened, and a few days later the police took the husband affirming that the travel agent had informed them that he was the one who had committed the crime. If the couple did not tell anyone about their trip, how was the husband sentenced guilty?

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2. The crime of the mountain 1

It seems that the man had made a very foolish mistake when he contacted the travel agency. The police informed him inside the barracks that he had bought two one-way tickets to the mountains, but had only bought one for the return. The company staff immediately realized that the man killed his partner, so they informed the security forces about what happened. Evidently, the evildoer spent the rest of his days in a prison on the outskirts of the city.

3. How could they find out?

3. How could they find out?

In the 1970s, California police knew for certain that one of the most famous criminals in that area was operating illegally. They managed to find him but lost sight of them as he entered a nearby house. The investigators knew full well that he was in one of the three houses on the image below, but if they entered one of them the thief could escape quickly on the other side. Suddenly, one of the most intelligent policemen said that he knew very well what building he had entered. How could he know?

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3. How could they find out? 1

As you know, to be a member of the forces of law you have to have a kind of sixth sense to realize everything that happens. After looking at the image for a few minutes, the young policeman realized something very obvious: it had nothing to do with the house, the pool and even with the bushes, but with the cars. As you can see, the car in house A is ready for a quick escape to the street, so that is where the thief was hiding. Obviously, they caught him before he could escape!

4. The Mystery of the Court

4. The Mystery of the Court

In 1765 a trial took place in the American colonies. It seems that a man had killed his wife, so they were severely punishing him. The evildoer hired a good lawyer, who had a very clear tactic to free him. The lawyer said that the girl had only gone for a walk and that if they waited for thirty seconds they could see her enter the courtroom door. After two minutes nothing happened, but the lawyer commented that if his client was guilty, all those present would not have been looking at the entrance. The judge thought for a few minutes and concluded that he was guilty. Why did he do it?

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4. The Mystery of the Court 1

Although the lawyer had a perfect method to free the criminal, the truth is that the latter was not wise. The magistrate realized immediately that the criminal was the only one who was not looking at the door of the court, so it was immediately deduced that he did not expect anyone to cross the entrance and appear in a surprising way. The people greatly appreciated the judge's expertise and decided on the biggest penalty for the accused, that he would be condemned to die at the stake.

5. A strange escape

5. A strange escape

The most famous prisoner in Mexico, after two years behind bars, had been able to leave a maximum security prison thanks to the opening of a tunnel that led directly outside. Unfortunately, some operators realized that the criminal was running away, so immediately two cars came out to cut him off. The strangest thing comes now: why this man seeing the cars in the background went directly to them and did not turn around? He walked a few more meters and hid in a nearby forest.

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5. A strange escape 1

The prisoner did not want to be caught again, but he realized he was crossing a bridge. Already it was more than half, so it would be foolish to turn around (another brigade could appear and cut its way through the back). Our criminal immediately crossed the stretch of the bridge he had left and immediately turned to enter the undergrowth. We do not know if they could finally find him, but from here we praise his expertise in carrying out such a great flight.

6. Who loses life in third place?

6. Who loses life in third place?

It is likely that you have already seen this riddle in social networks. At first, it seems a rather macabre game, but can it serve for all our users to know if they have a good capacity for logic and reasoning? We are seeing how man "E" is throwing a rock down a slope, so both "C" and "A", "B" and "D" are in danger. It seems quite obvious that the drawing representing "C" will lose life in the first in the first place.

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6. Who loses life in third place? 1

If "E" launches a new ball, then the rest of the men in the lower zone are in serious trouble. Due to the arrival of a second rock, it will fall to the ground floor, where it will crush the boy named "B". What if, by chance, a third sphere was thrown with great force? There is great doubt about who would lose his life, but probably "D" would be the one who would be affected in the first instance.

6. Who loses life in third place? 2

How many of it were you able to answer correctly? If you have at least 5/6 riddles answered correctly it means you have an average IQ score of between 70 to 130. Even if you were not able to answer them correctly, that's alright, there are other intelligence tests that correctly determine the score of your IQ. Let us know how you did in the comments!

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6. Who loses life in third place? 3
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