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INTELLIGENCE TEST: Only those with higher IQ are able to solve these 6 riddles...

The pirate knew very well that the ruler was not going to let him escape, so he was sure that the two balls were black. How could he persuade the jury that he had chosen blue? Very simple: he only picked up one of the random marbles and swallowed it. Evidently, the court saw that the one that was left was the darkest one, which means the ball that he swallowed was "blue". The king was furious, but he had no choice but to free him forever. What wit the pirate had!

2. The crime of the mountain

2. The crime of the mountain

A couple went climbing to a nearby Sierra to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Family members longed for their return because they had a surprise party ready for them. Sadly, only the man showed up at the house and informed that his wife had suffered a fall that ended her life. Immediately an investigation was opened to verify what happened, and a few days later the police took the husband affirming that the travel agent had informed them that he was the one who had committed the crime. If the couple did not tell anyone about their trip, how was the husband sentenced guilty?

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2. The crime of the mountain 1
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