Published 2016-12-30
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7 very useful functions of your cell phone that you do not use and you should try from today

There is no doubt that the models of cell phones that are coming into the market have practically everything. Before it was incredible to have the ability to send a message to someone who is in another part of the world or even talk to them, but it seems that it's not enough. At present, it is not strange that a mobile phone has curved display, a large amount of RAM or even minimum 64 GB of storage, and not to mention the virtual reality that some already have.

But what about all those options that can be done with our cell phones but we can never consider? We are not referring to certain hidden applications that the phone has and are difficult to find, but all those little tricks that could be done with them and that would allow us to have access to some rather curious and incredible options. If you're a fan of cell phones, do not miss this article because it will save a lot of money on other devices!

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1. Convert the cell phone into a listening device

It will only take a few simple manipulations to turn our phones into an entire spy tool, or a baby monitor. In addition, you will not need extensive knowledge in the matter, since it only requires placing the phone in the desired place. Go to a remote area and call the handset that you have set up as a listening device. The handset will respond automatically and you can hear what is happening in the place where it is placed. You can use it at your whim!

2. Block the cell phone forever

If you accidently lost your smartphone or were robbed without realizing it, you can save all your personal data with a simple trick. Surely you will know, but each SIM in the world is assigned a unique number of 15 digits, called IMEI. If you have lost the phone or for any reason you no longer have it, you can call the telephone company and ask them to lock the device through that code. You can check the IMEI number by dialing *#06#. You should do this when you realize that it has been stolen or lost, because if someone finds it, maybe they could unblock it.

3. Turn your smartphone into a microscope

While it is true that you will not always need to use a microscope, it never hurts to take it into account of its use. Using a small lens (for example a laser) and your phone, you can make a portable digital microscope, which could be perfect for taking very large images, or for any scientific purpose you need. With a simple search in Google, you can find step by step on how to do it.

4. Take pictures underwater

We have all wanted to have fun with our friends on the beach or pool and take some pictures underwater, but only some specific devices and sports cameras are designed to be able to resist water. However, with a conventional mobile phone, you can also have one if you can use a polyethylene liner, which can be made in less than two minutes.

5. Set the face release

Android has a long list of options to unlock the phone using a PIN, a password, an unlock pattern, fingerprint etc. However, there is an unlock method that most people almost always overlook. It is the function of facial unlock, which is much safer than a simple pattern or password. To configure it, just go to the settings, scroll to security, lock screen and select the option you need.

6. Make holograms

For people who love science fiction, holograms somewhere in their room has to be something amazing. As it turns out there are small projects you can do by yourself to create holograms with the cell phone. For that, you must use plastic or glass, heat, and the smartphone itself. By forming a kind of prism, it's possible to create a "holographic pyramid". Cut four small pieces of plastic and attach with a transparent adhesive film to place it on the smartphone, which will be emitting what you want to represent. Go and try it!

7. Extend the life of your device

When time passes and we have our cell phone for several years, it is normal that the power connector of the same is filled with dust and dirt in general. In fact, such dust can be one of the main causes of cell death. You can grab a syringe filled with air, insert the needle into the power connector and inject the air. This process will allow you to easily remove dust from the loading port, lengthening the life of your device comfortably.
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