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How to get out of the FRIEND ZONE?!

Recently while checking the comments we figured that so many ladies have been friend zoned and they are not very pleased with the situation! Why would they be?! You give everything to him, make sure that you are there whenever he needs someone to hold on to but then you are addressed as "friend" even worse than that as "bro"! But do not worry about that because there is always a way out! In this article, we are going to teach you how to get out of that friend zone!

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Do not talk to him about other girls

Do not be the person that he turns to when he is in love with someone or when he wants to ask for someone girl related advice! If you are one, then he won’t look at you as a girl! He will see you only as a "bro". It is not the matter of taking you for granted. It is just that the way you present yourself to him is how he takes you.

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Look gorgeous

Hands down nothing is more provoking than a voluptuous girl! Even if he thinks of you as a bro, when you show up smoking hot, there is a chance of him thinking it twice and giving it a chance! As we always say, guys fall with their eyes and if what they see is appealing then they will see you as a potential girlfriend more than a friend! Try it once and observe the shift in his behavior.

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This is the only occasion that you can even go overboard with the flirting thing. Have your flirting game on and try to get him to know that you are someone that he can be intimate with and can count on more than a friend! You have been friends with him so no one knows him better than you! Use it to get him. If he flirts back, you know it is going to work!

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Alone with him

Be alone with him (wink)! It is difficult to capture the attention of someone if you are always surrounded by so many people all the time! It is a lot easier to get the connection and make them feel it as well when it is only the two of you to focus on. Make him notice your existence more as a girl than as a friend and let him handle the rest of it. It might be a little weird at the beginning but you will handle it…

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Confidence is always attractive! It always, ALWAYS, works. Even if you are not confident, just put on a show. Confidence will make you more desirable automatically. Walk like you are the queen. You see how Beyonce walks?! Like she is the only lady in this world and she owns it?! Go for the same thing. Make a long lasting impression and see how it will get you out of the friend zone.

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Talk about your ideal relationship

Put the thought of you being his girl into his mind! As vicious as this may sound, there is nothing wrong with that! You are the right girl for him and you know it! Deep down he does as well, but you need to steer him that way! To think of you as his girl and agree with you! There is nothing wrong with wanting someone so badly! Help him visualize it by describing what you would do for your boy!

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Date others

This is the best option ever! You will get to know if he is interested in you or not! This way you wouldn’t need to try so hard! If he sees you with someone and you can feel a pinch of jealousy then you are already out of the friend zone! Sometimes your dating someone will make him realize that he has been taking you for granted and he wants you to be his! Just like in the movies…

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Do not talk to him about other girls

Tell him

This could be the last resort and we are only putting this one on the list if you have gone through whatever that we have already mentioned and you have failed in each and every one of them! He does not seem to get any hints that you have been dropping for so long which is not likely to happen but in the case of emergency just tell him how you feel and get over with it!

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Some people are just so genuinely blind when it comes to things like this that you’d better say it all and save the trouble! There is a chance of him getting closer to you and you guys get out of a friendship and get in a relationship. There also is a chance of you losing even the friendship that you already have, but you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?

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