Published 2018-04-30
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How easily you fall into anger may depend on your ZODIAC sign!


Tauruses seemingly appear calm and subdued. Anger grows in them gradually, and if someone crosses the line of their patience, then the true Armageddon follows. They do not tolerate betrayal and disloyalty. They irritate by unequal treatment or discrimination. Tauruses prefer discussion, exchange of opinions, rather than violent quarrels. It takes a lot of time for them to think things through and return to their balance. Even if they forgive, they never forget. If Taurus is failed or disappointed by someone, it is hard for him to rebuild his previous relationships.



Geminis are spontaneous and ambiguous, and it is hard to predict how they will respond to a conflict situation. Sometimes they are calm and won't see the problem in anything, another time they will even fall into fury. In the wrath Geminis can scream, break glasses, they can be also vulgar, nasty and malicious at the same time. Their unpredictability also means that it is not known whether the quarrel will end with a break of relationship or immediately it will change into a common laugh.

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