Published 2016-12-30
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Messages from the other side that have been discovered in some photographs

Unfortunately, human beings are not immortal, and there will come a time when we're going to leave this world. It's a really sad thing, but we must be aware that it is going to happen. We all wish to die when we are elderly and in the comfort of our home, but this is not always the case; diseases and accidents can cause a lot of pain to the entire families. It's always hard to find out about the death of an acquaintance, but it comforts us to know that they are in a supposedly better place.

There is a question that has always plagued human beings since the origin of religion: "Will there be life after death?" We do not really know the answer to that, but whether it is positive or negative, we must worry enough. Do you imagine that after passing away we will arrive at a perfect world from which we can see everything that happens on Earth? We would feel very powerless to know the wrongs doings of our loved ones and not be able to do anything to stop them. The pictures you'll see now really seems to tell us something, and they are quite disturbing.

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One of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind is photography. Thanks to this technique, the human beings have managed to capture in the real and digital format the moments of our life that we have liked and more. And it's always a pleasure to see photo albums over the weekend and observe those experiences of our past. It usually comes to mind many special memories: people who are no longer there, or places we would love to visit again.

For a decade, the physical photographs have given way to those that are taken by means of technological devices and that are preserved in the network or in our computer. With the rise of social networks in just one minute, we are able to share those snapshots that we have made in a country far away or simply in the bathroom of our home. And it is that humans love to show the world what we're doing at every moment, although there are times when we marvel enough for the content of the pictures.

A large number of photographs that circulate around the net are capable of giving us goose bumps. In many cases, they are excessively edited and the authors of these images have simply created them to scare Internet users and make them believe that fantastic creatures roam many places in our world. However, there are times when we really doubt whether the content of the photo is real since it doesn't appear to be modified. We've all thought there's something else out there.

Do you believe in fantastic creatures? Whether you have answered yes or no, you can't deny that they are part of the culture of many countries and civilizations. Many people have sworn that they have had experiences with beings of dubious origin. Intimate relationships, hard battles, unexpected encounters. Believe it or not, these stories leave you at your disposal, but it would really be something incredible to witness the appearance of something we thought impossible. Here are four pictures that will make you think too much. The mystery will make you completely horrified.

Today, many of our teens love to take pictures in the bathroom alone or in the company of their friends or classmates. Our youngest readers are sure to have uploaded a photo of this type to social media, but most probably those images do not hide the mystery as big as this. These three friends of a Mexican institute took a photograph in the bathroom of their high school. What's so weird here? If we pay attention to the girl in the background, we see that her reflection in the mirror does not match the reality. How in the right world did that happen?!

Birthday parties are often quite special events, as everyone has a good time. The protagonist of the celebration always receives many gifts, apart from that he spends a very pleasant time in the company of his closest friends. Not all these parties usually go well, some of them have a rather dark background, that's what we think. This image was hung on the net by a Nazarene.It's clearly seen on it how that little child is held in the air by a celestial presence. Maybe his father is dead?

Russia is the largest country in the world, so it is normal that in its vast territory the strangest things happen. The orthodox religion is the predominant one in this state, the reason why is that a great majority of the citizens have a rather great faith. Unalaska is a city that lies deep in Siberia. There a citizen named Alek Gorodskoy uploaded a photo that made the world tremble. In her native town, there is a statue of Holy Mary with a face similar to a girl who disappeared in the forest. The biggest mystery is that a photographer managed to capture that statue with eyes open.

This last photograph is the most special of all since the woman who uploaded the photo to social media was very excited to see it. Dogs are animals that want more to their owner than even to themselves. They are the joys of the house, those who have a dog in their houses will know the good moments that are spent in the company of their furry friend. A dog named Wagner died at the age of 12, leaving her owner Ashley shattered. The animal was cremated. The reason was that its owner was prepared to throw the ashes in the park in which they always played. Clearly, you can see the shape of a dog in the air, so we thought that Wagner accompanies his owner forever.
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