Published 2018-05-04
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9 Tips to make your gadgets live longer

We buy gadgets because we want them to make our life easier or because they are so pretty that we just need to have them. So we should protect our beloved devices as much as we can. Of course, after some time gadgets can cause problems, they can stop working properly or their functions can be lost. Sorry to tell you the sad truth, but in many cases, it is your fault.
Here are 9 tips which will help you to take care of your gadgets or even extend the life of your device.

1. Look out for voltage fluctuations

It is true that during a thunderstorm all electronic devices should be turned off and unplug. However modern network filters are designed to protect electric appliances from overvoltage, but still, it might happen that they will not stand lightning, whose power can reach thousands of gigavolts. Instead of playing on the computer, you should try to read a book or play a board game during the storm.

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2. Protect device from dust and debris

Do not carry your device in your handbag or pocket without any protection. They can be easily scratched by other things there, but also get dirty or dusty, what might be difficult to remove and cause many problems with the connection. There is a lot of places where you can buy a special cover for your device, but if you don’t have one, keep your gadgets in an aside compartment in your handbag.

3. Remove dust and debris

To clean your smartphone remember to turn off your device and use lint-free wipes or cloth. Also, your laptop or PC’s need to be cleaned from dust inside. You should do it at least once a year, but if you hear that your computer’s cooler is working lauder and you notice that your device is getting very hot it means that it needs to be freed of the dust. You might remove dust and debris by yourself or go to the service centre to do it for you.

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4. Look after your monitors

Do not keep your laptop or PC’s monitor directly on sunlight, because this kind of prolonged exposure leads to fading of display colours. And before you close your laptop always check if there is nothing on the keyboard left. Even small objects, like crumbs of bread, can irrevocably damage the device's screen. You don't eat in front of your computer, do you?

5. Do not touch the screen

Try not to touch the monitor with your fingers, because it can cause permanent dark spots on it. To clean the screen use only special lint-free wipes and avoid using window cleaning products, because the ammonia, which they contain, can irreversibly damage the monitor.

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6. Smart charging battery

Nowadays lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries in our devices have no longer memory effect and there is no need to charge them only when their energy bar to drop to zero. Actually, this is even better to recharge them more often, rightly when battery power indicator drops to 10-20% because this is the best way to increase device's battery life, from 400-600 cycles to even 1,000-1,100 cycles.

7. Use original parts

You should never use cheap and non-original batteries for your gadgets. It is unsafe because they might not have inbuilt controllers. If you want your device's battery to live longer, it is also important not to charge smartphone or laptop with non-native chargers or USB cables.

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8. Don't let your phone overheat

Never leave your device in the sun or even in the car on a hot afternoon where the temperature is higher than 35°C because it can permanently damage the capacity of your gadget’s battery. Also, you should be very careful with using a smartphone while it’s charging; especially avoid playing graphically intensive games, because it may raise the temperature of the device and harm its battery.

9. Look out for temperature

The device needs some time to adapt to the room temperature, so after coming to the hot room from cold places try not to switch it on immediately. The good option is to wait for about 1 hour to do that.
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