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Woman shares a photo of her boyfriend who looks exactly like Michael Jackson!

However, none of these impersonators are the topic of this article! Not long ago, Lourdes Zavaleta, 21, took her twitter account to share a picture of a guy that she claimed to be her boyfriend. Nothing out of ordinary, right? But the reason why internet went crazy was his uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson! Just take a look at him! You would think it is Michael Jackson!

She posted the picture with this caption “Y'all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me”. Later on, it was found out that the lady had no idea who this guy was and she found the picture online! Creepy! She, later on, claimed: “Unfortunately he's not actually my man. I found his picture on Twitter. The post was just a joke between my friends and me. I posted the picture to be funny and I didn't think so many people would see it and believe it,”

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