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Best Hollywood movies of 2016 that you should not miss


This Marvel's most rebel and anti-hero charactered film has shaken the whole world after its release. Deadpool went on to break a lot of records after it appeared in cinemas. The actor who has played this ex-special forces operative who become a mercenary has performed extraordinarily. Rey Reynolds played the character of Deadpool in the movie and this movie was directed by Tim Miller.

The Infiltrator

This movie is completely inspired by true facts that have really happened in 90’s which are connected to the famous drug lord Mr. Pablo Escobar. It's about the United States customs agent who infiltrates into the drug lords group who was involved in the worlds most deadliest crimes and drug trafficking. Bryan Cranston, the most famous actor from Breaking Bad, has played the lead role of the US agent. Directed by Brad Furman.

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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one such movie of Marvel where you can expect high-end action and also the best comedy. The entire story revolves around a famous neurosurgeon who loses strength in his hands due to an accident and ends up going to an Asian country to get back his skills by following spiritual ideas. He learns how to fight and protect the world from the bad. Benedict Cumberbatch, the famous actor from tv series Sherlock, plays the lead character and it's directed by Scott Derrickson.

The Nice Guys

The story revolves around the sudden missing of a young lady and the apparent suicide of a female porn star who was one of the best actors in that era. This unites two crazy private investigators in the Los Angeles who try to solve the mystery. These private investigators find many influential people connected to their case. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play as these investigators. Shane Black was the director this time.


Fences is considered to be one of the finest movies of 2016 and it has one of the finest actors like Denzel Washington and Viola Davis who have given their best in the movie. The story revolves around a person who is a garbage collector and lost a great chance to play baseball due to his age. This impacts him very much in a negative way and he shows all of this on his son and his wife. This movie was directed by Denzel Washington himself.

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Nocturnal Animals

Are you a fan of thriller movies? If yes, then you need to watch this movie. Nocturnal Animals is a thriller directed by the famous fashion designer Tom Ford. The story revolves around Los Angeles-based art gallery owner who finds papers written by her ex-husband. It says a lot about her past and it affects the life she has now. The lead characters were created by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Jackie is a movie inspired by the life of Jacqueline Kennedy. The story is about the life of this first lady after she lost her husband and the US president in an assassination. It mostly shows the problems faced by the first lady and the way she dealt with them while ensuring her husband John F Kennedy’s respect is not at stake. The lead role was played by Natalie Portman but the film was directed by Pablo Larrain.

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Moonlight is a movie that has shown us that we're still staying in a backward world where there're people who are still facing problems with their colour and other such issues. This movie has inspired a lot of people with its amazing screenplay, story and acting. It was directed by Barry Jenkins and the lead actor is Trevante Rhodes who, in our opinion, has given his best performance.

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La La Land

La La Land is a romantic drama that has touched a lot of hearts after its release in 2016. It has everything including a few amazing songs and dances that every romantic movie should have. This movie says the stopry about two people who try to settle down in Los Angeles, a city where hopes are always crushed. La La Land was directed by Oscar-nominated director Damien Chazelle and the lead roles were portrayed by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

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Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water was directed by David Mackenzie and the actors playing the lead roles are Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges. The story revolves around two brothers who have problems in their own lives and have planned to do a series of bank robberies on a specific bank that has created trouble in their life. This plan might fail because there is that one cop - very honest and best at his work. Do you think the robbery is possible?
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