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10 Basic tips for a new relationship

This is the most important article for the ones that have just started a relationship and want to know more about it! Today we will give you 10 basic tips for their new relationship. If there are things that you think must be on this list that is not, comment them in the comment section!

1. Behavior in public: Talk to your partner about whether he likes to be caressed in public, to kiss him, to take him by the hand... there are men who feel uncomfortable with this situation, especially at the beginning. Manifestations of your love in public are fine, but as long as your partner feels the same way.

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2. One day a week: Everyone is always very busy, but try to have one day a week minimum for you alone, do not invite anyone else, it's your time.

3. Respect their free time: At the beginning of a relationship you really want to spend a lot of time with your partner, but do not invade their privacy a lot. Everyone needs time to themselves and their things. If he asks for space, do not take it for granted, we all need it.

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4. The future: You have been with your partner for a very little time and you want to ask about a future. That is something that is very good but does not get ahead of yourself. Do not want to run too much. There are many men for whom the word wedding and children are like warnings! These words will make them flee if you talk about it too soon, let time pass and it will be him who will start the conversation out. For not it is too soon but if you have been in for a while and nothing happened, then you can go ahead and talk about it.

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5. Their friends: It's time to meet their friends. Try to fall well, but if not, at least do not insult them or speak badly of them to your partner at first. Maybe over time, you change your mind about them and if not, you'll have time to tell them that you do not like their friends.

6. Do not forget your friends: Many times we fall into the mistake of focusing too much on our new partner and forget our friends. Never make that mistake because if in the end, your relationship breaks down, they are the ones who will be with you to comfort you.

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7. Do not hide things: Of course you do not need to tell him your whole life in a month, but something as important as telling him that you have a great friendship with your ex is good that she knows because you do not want one day for her to see you having a coffee together in a cafeteria before you tell her.

8. Speak clearly from the beginning: Many women think that men will guess what we want by saying just the opposite. Do not be like that, do not start with that kind of psychological games because they will not help you at all. Be clear from the beginning.

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9. Do not pretend the pleasure: Many women pretend at first because they do not feel comfortable talking with their partner about what they like. Never do that because your partner will think you like everything he does and will always do the same.

10. Do not be jealous: At first, we want them to only notice us and that in a man is almost impossible. What you have to think is that they have chosen you because you are the woman that they like the most and they fill you the most, that's why you have to feel proud and think that there is nothing wrong with him looking at others. Just like how you may also notice other attractive men but without any other type of desire.

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For your relationship to shine with more strength, there are 4 golden rules that you need to follow!

1. Do not expect the other person to be 100% like you! One of the ridiculous myths about "true love" is the idea of ​the soul mate - that there is someone out there who is your ideal partner. A good relationship is based on knowing how to handle the many differences that exist and will be among you, differences in the way of thinking about politics, food, money, hobbies, how to raise children... It is these differences that make life more interesting.

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Enjoy what your partner has to offer you instead of trying to change it to fit your template of what life and love should be like.

2. Accept that your partner can fail. To expect someone to be everything you need and to meet all your expectations is a recipe for disaster. We all make mistakes, especially in our love lives because relationships are never easy. But exercise forgiveness in little things at the beginning of a love story, so you are more likely to find ways to forgive bigger pains and transgressions.

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Learn to ask why and do it in good manners, ridicule or humiliate your partner is not a good idea. But if you can talk honestly about what irritates or bothers you and why you will understand better.

3. Forget the problems. Forget the problems for a while and laugh with your partner. A good laugh is like the good time in the bed: spontaneous and uninhibited and an act that unites you. Go to a place where you used to laugh or where there is a good chance of doing it. It is at that moment when exchanging a glance ends up with laughs, often through a shared memory, and this is the best way to re-synchronize again.

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4. Listen and do not talk. No matter how bad things are, give your partner the opportunity to talk. It can be surprising and revealing and pave the way to honesty. We tend to jump with our opinion before we have listened to our significant other. Do not shout, keep calm, there is a big difference in something this simple. Very often, couple problems can be solved by learning to listen.

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10 Basic tips for a new relationship 10
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