Published 2018-05-08
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10 Basic tips for a new relationship

4. The future: You have been with your partner for a very little time and you want to ask about a future. That is something that is very good but does not get ahead of yourself. Do not want to run too much. There are many men for whom the word wedding and children are like warnings! These words will make them flee if you talk about it too soon, let time pass and it will be him who will start the conversation out. For not it is too soon but if you have been in for a while and nothing happened, then you can go ahead and talk about it.

10 Basic tips for a new relationship 1

5. Their friends: It's time to meet their friends. Try to fall well, but if not, at least do not insult them or speak badly of them to your partner at first. Maybe over time, you change your mind about them and if not, you'll have time to tell them that you do not like their friends.

6. Do not forget your friends: Many times we fall into the mistake of focusing too much on our new partner and forget our friends. Never make that mistake because if in the end, your relationship breaks down, they are the ones who will be with you to comfort you.

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10 Basic tips for a new relationship 2
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