Published 2018-05-08
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10 Basic tips for a new relationship

7. Do not hide things: Of course you do not need to tell him your whole life in a month, but something as important as telling him that you have a great friendship with your ex is good that she knows because you do not want one day for her to see you having a coffee together in a cafeteria before you tell her.

8. Speak clearly from the beginning: Many women think that men will guess what we want by saying just the opposite. Do not be like that, do not start with that kind of psychological games because they will not help you at all. Be clear from the beginning.

10 Basic tips for a new relationship 1

9. Do not pretend the pleasure: Many women pretend at first because they do not feel comfortable talking with their partner about what they like. Never do that because your partner will think you like everything he does and will always do the same.

10. Do not be jealous: At first, we want them to only notice us and that in a man is almost impossible. What you have to think is that they have chosen you because you are the woman that they like the most and they fill you the most, that's why you have to feel proud and think that there is nothing wrong with him looking at others. Just like how you may also notice other attractive men but without any other type of desire.

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10 Basic tips for a new relationship 2
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