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7 Behaviors that men show when they feel true love...

As the great poet Emily Dickinson said, "Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes." You will know that women and men show their love and affection in completely different ways, which can sometimes be quite confusing for them; "Yesterday he was a totally charming guy, but today he's a complete idiot." You're probably right! And what a man says and does can be very disconcerting. In general, women tend to be more sensitive and complacent, two areas that make many men lives difficult. Having said that, the men show a common set of behaviors with which they demonstrate their love to a woman, and you need to know them!

1. Hears you attentively

It is well known that, in general, women tend to pay much more attention than men; In fact, some men have the same listening skills as a potato. However, something very curious is that men always tend to focus intensely on the things that catch their attention; Therefore, if a man is not only listening to a woman, but also paying great attention and responding with his intelligence (a skill called active listening), you can be sure that he feels love.

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2. Make some sacrifices

No, we do not mean to slay in the name of your love. Making personal sacrifices is much easier when we do it for the person we love. In fact, men who are deeply in love will feel a tremendous discomfort at the thought that their partner may be unhappy, especially if there is anything that can be done about it. As such, doing some commissions for someone's happiness is one of the ways a man demonstrates his love for a woman. They will almost always put you first, even if that means changing your plans or leaving your comfort zone.

3. Vulnerability (this is important!)

Usually, men who are more masculine are always wary of teaching behavior that can be perceived by others as a weakness. In love, however, this deeply ingrained attitude is often lost along the way, and women do not care; If a male feels in love, he will feel much more comfortable with feeling and acting in a vulnerable way. This "weakness" will surely manifest itself in a number of ways through a relationship, especially if they feel bound to one woman.

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4. You love him even on your "worst days"

Do you remember the great effort you used to make during your first beautiful dates? Of course, all people want to see us and feel good when we meet a potential partner. Then there is the real relationship; As we spend more time with each other, the comfort level increases, and our need to impress decreases abruptly. We are free to wander dressing in pajamas, stain our shirts, and give up shampoo for a few days. When men love someone, they think a woman looks beautiful regardless of the situation.

5. He is proud of you (and shows it!)

In love, a real man is not shy about saying how proud he feels about his partner. Whether it's already a fantastic mother, a hard worker, or you've reached your goals, you can be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed. In fact, all the admirable things you have done and for which you are working will bring you a great deal of pride and joy. On the other hand, a male will not feel too upset about losing to his partner, although if both are very competitive people, you will probably feel a little less crushed after a quick defeat.

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6. Fight with you

This is obvious to you, but just to avoid offending someone, we are not talking about any conflict in which there is a physical contact. That said, if a man loves a woman and is emotionally immersed in their relationship, he will start a "fight" to avoid losing it; even if that means fighting with the woman he wants. Why? Basically, we are afraid. If we love a woman, the least threat to our relationship is the equivalent of a blow to the stomach. If we are struggling with this purpose in mind, we want to make things work and demonstrate our commitment.

7. Treat your family and friends with respect

If a man knows that someone is important to his partner, then, they will become relevant to him. The reason is very simple: they love their family and friends, and the last thing they want is to hurt their feelings. Although you may not feel very comfortable with some of your family members, such as your in-laws, or one of your malicious friends, they will not tell you because they know how much they mean to them.

However, you must understand that there is also the other side of the coin, that is, the behaviors shown by men WHEN THEY ARE NOT ENAMORED. If you want to find out everything, then you can see what they do when they have stopped feeling appreciation for their partner or believe that the flame has gone out, but perhaps they dare not take the step and end the relationship…

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1. Unpleasantness

Sadly, we cannot (or should not) force anyone to love us, just as we cannot control the feelings of other people. However, if you see your recent boyfriend, husband, or lover exhibiting some of the following behaviors, you should get the idea of ​​impending lovelessness.
For starters, your partner will not hesitate to contradict all the arguments you give him, even when you agree with what he just said. The method of discussion by active and passive will indicate that he is tired of you and do not want to have you close, looking for the easy conflict to try to get away from the situation.

2. Excuses will be the daily bread

On the other hand, when your boyfriend has decided that he is not willing to spend more time than necessary with you, he will begin to make all kinds of excuses. Basically, anything will be enough to give you a corner. If you were thinking of furnishing the house and you need him to accompany you to see a furniture store, forget it. He will tell you that he prefers to stay at home watching TV or that this afternoon he cannot cancel his plans with his friends. All to avoid sharing moments with you. Many men are slow to take the step.

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3. Intimacy will be a thing of the past

When he wants to stop sharing moments with you, the bed will also be included. If he cannot use the excuse of moving to another room in the house, he will often try to go to a friend's house or even stay "all night working". On the other hand, if things have not gotten to that extreme, he could also try to change you. If you notice this behavior, do not allow or tolerate him to do this with you. A defeat in time is a victory, get out of there as soon as possible.

4. Other typical behaviors

In general, when a man ceases to fall in love or does not even appreciate his partner, he may experience the following habits: Anything that has previously struck him about you will be annoying; will often use sarcasm to tell you things he actually feels; he will compare you with many other women; you will be more like two roommates than a couple; will release some "threat" with leaving you; and a lot more... What do you think? Did we miss something?

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