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Unbelievable rules that Kelly Ripa’s kids and husband need to follow!

Kelly Ripa is one of the most popular American hosts and one of the most trustworthy ones at the same time. Not only is she a host but she also is an actress, dancer, and television producer. She is known right now for co-hosting Live! with Kelly and Ryan. She also is a mom and is known to be one of those taught moms out there! Based on what we see as fans, the kids are well-behaved so they are doing just fine but seems like the fans are not that much fond of her way of upbringing! Here is what the kids and the husband need to follow!

Doesn’t mind if her kids don’t like her

Honestly, we do not think of this as much of a big deal! What are parents for?! To help us, guide us and protect us, right?! Not to get us like them! At some points in our lives, we all went through this phase of hatred toward one of the parents and it was ok! The only thing different here is the fact that Kelly said this out loud about her daughter! Read it for yourself: "[Lola] recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it's like taking away oxygen, She broke the rules. She was texting when she should have been studying for Spanish. I'm like, 'You're half-Mexican. Your grandmother is a Spanish teacher...

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...you're not allowed to fail Spanish. It's the one thing you're not allowed to fail! I don't think she likes me, but I don't care, I'm like, 'I'm not your friend, I'm your mom. I'm not your friend.' I just feel an obligation as her mom to keep her living in the real world. I don't care who you are or what you do if you’re a mom you're a mom". This, however harsh, does not mean that she never wants to be friends with her kids or loved by them! She said: "To be friends suggests that you're equals, and you don't want to have that relationship, Somebody's got to be the parent."

Choosing what her daughter wears

Based on the list of the things that she is concerned about and makes her kids follow, we think it is safe to say that she for sure is a little bit harder on her daughter than her 2 sons! This could be for her beautiful figure or it could be that she is a teenager and she is included to dress more provocatively?! Not really sure what the reason is but what is clear is that the theories have gotten the fans talking all about how she is a controlling mother and how that is going to affect her daughter’s later choices in life.

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Monitors their social media

Being the kid of a celebrity means your life is going to be different no matter how much they try to normalize the whole situation for you. Sometimes like Kelly Ripa, things go to the next level and you almost end up having near zero privacy. She is monitoring every post of her kids on social media platforms and she believes that if they ever wanted the privacy, they wouldn’t share things online so if they upload something, she might as well check them out!

"My daughter [Lola] always says she wants more privacy, and I respect that, I said, 'If you want to keep a diary instead of Instagram, then you will have privacy. I will not read your diary, but if you're going to be on Instagram, I'm going to read that, because that's not private. That is social media.' That's how we work it out in our house. We're in outer space as parents! [When I was a kid] we had one phone, it was in the kitchen, and if we wanted privacy, then we would have to stretch the phone cord as far as it could go down the basement stairs."

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She also goes through her kid’s phone especially her daughter’s. She said: "She knows I know her code, but she doesn't think I would ever abuse that privilege. We're very fair parents and we will give you certain freedoms, but you can't have privacy and be on Instagram. That's not how it works. Privacy is for if you want to write a letter or write in your journal, I'm not going to read that. But if you want to tweet about what a pain in the butt your mom is, I'm gonna see that."

"I feel like children need boundaries. They need to know, yes, you can come to me with anything and everything and I'm there for you but I'm not there to encourage you to get involved in social media stuff. I'm not there to encourage you to conduct yourself in a way that's unbecoming of a child, because I'm your parent, and we have boundaries. If you don't set limits and boundaries for your kids early on, and that means not giving into every temper tantrum, then later on, once they're teens it's too late."

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"It's so old-fashioned and people think I'm kidding. We hang a paper calendar in the house and it has everybody's activities. A visual aid really helps us. A lot of people keep it in their cell phones and iPads but having the benefit of a paper calendar makes a difference in preventing that 'you forgot to come pick me up from school' phone call. We are a united front. Our kids try, and they all try to the device and conquer, so even if we disagree we don't do it in front of the kids."

Going through all the rules and the things she makes her kids and husband follow like how they need to study on the weekends and have their phones away from them while doing it or how they only get an hour of TV time at the weekends, we don’t really think of her as a mother who is being unfair to the kids! She only is doing what mothers do and that is to take care of you! The fact that she takes the time to do everything as a family is something that needs to be applauded not criticised!

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