Published 2016-12-30
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Top 10 Nostradamus predictions of 2017

1. North Korea and South Korea merger

North Korea and South Korea will be one. Kim Jong-un will be ousted and will look for shelter in Russia. North Korea tyrant Kim Jong-un is more hazardous than his dad. The most youthful heir of the royal family which has ruled North Korea for a long time acquired the responsibility on 17 December 2011 upon the passing of his dad. Since that appalling day, Kim Jong-un has created an unsafe global emergency by testing an atomic weapon and undermining to utilize it against America and South Korea. He additionally circulated an odd photo of himself purportedly in the demonstration of requesting "merciless" atomic strikes against the US region.

2. More widespread use of solar power

By 2017, solar innovations could represent a huge segment of worldwide power era. As indicated by Nostradamus, it will help economies and organizations prepare for increasing energy costs and the effect of environmental change. This is a great step, especially considering the fact that the climate change is a huge issue at the moment. Making use of the problem to create solutions is the best alternative we have and do.

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3. Commercial space travel

Space travel has become a talk of the town right now, however, flights past the orbit will turn out to be exponentially more troublesome and not to mention expensive. The moon, space rocks and mining missions are improbable focuses during the following two years. Fun fact: If you ever dreamt of going to space, it can be done. Virgin Galactic is a spaceship in which people have been booking seats since 2013. Right now, each seat is being sold at US$250,000 immediate deposit.

4. Wars and global warming

Nostradamus thinks the conceivable outcomes of 'Hot Wars' could be heightened in 2017 because of a dangerous atmospheric devation AKA global warming and scarcity of resources. And as for war, the biggest risk will be terrorists and bio-assaults. YIKES! This sounds as bad as it looks! Let’s hope some of these predictions are not true. Nostradamus is no Simpsons after all.

5. Superpower sclerosis

The present superpower, indicating the USA, will turn out to be progressively ungovernable and inadequate to deal with the world. Ideological polarization, political defilement, increasing disparity, globalization of corporate and financial aristocracies, and expansive social framework disappointments will be the developing elements of induration.

6. Cloud computing will disappear

Nostradamus anticipates that the expression "cloud" will vanish from the expression 'cloud computing' by 2017 on the grounds that the greater part of all the PCs will just be thought to be done in the cloud itself. We’re not sure if that’s going to make life easier or not. So far using a cloud has been nothing but helpful, let’s just cross our fingers and hope it’s the best.

7. Italy will face financial hardship

Unemployment and loans will make Italy the "epicenter" of the EU budgetary disaster, moving the spotlight far from Greek and Spain. The Italian system of banking is in a bad position and the disappointment of these banks is basically the tip of a disaster. Non-performing credits, advances that indebted individuals are not paying off, and which have not yet been composed off by the banks, have been on the ascent during the past two years. Now 18% of all advances in Italy are non-performing. Resuscitating Italy's economy will require penances from Italians, as well as from other EU countries.

8. A year of definition for Latin America

While 2017 won't be a jailbreak for Latin American nations, Nostradamus likewise anticipated that it will be a year of revaluation for them. Governments will move far from politically radical strategies and will help set the base for potential distress in the nations. YAY! Just when we thought everything was going to be bad the next year, this happens. *fingerscrossed*

9. China will make bold move

China will make strong moves to restore the "economic imbalance" in the world. As per Nostradamus, its effect will have extensive impacts. Will China turn into the new Superpower as Baba Vanga happened to foresee in the twentieth century? The previous decade, the idea of China turning into the world's next superpower was just an infatuation for political theorists. In comparison with the other purported BRICS – Brazil, Russia and India; China sparkles like a star. Somewhere around 1978 and now, China has possessed the capacity to surge from being a minor player globally to a power engine that has pulled in FDI of $2 trillion.

10. Russia and Ukraine will sign a peace agreement

As per Nostradamus, in 2017 Russia and Ukraine will come to an understanding. The terms are quite vague right now. The United States will restrict the new amnesty, however, Germany and other EU countries will welcome it. The US Vice President Joe Biden voiced his position in December 2015 and the United States is decided to see Russia cling to an unstable Ukrainian peace agreement and hand back Crimea to Kiev.
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Raj Mishra
Raj Mishra 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
I tried talking to him....but found him non-responsive...seems busy with the people follow him :-(
Nesreen Lam
Nesreen Lam 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
He responds to the true seekers every time hes beyond religion
Satyarthi Sahu
Satyarthi Sahu 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
That is not true. Please talk to Him at length and ask Him to help you in all your trails and challenges and He will surely help you. Jesus Himself says, "Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away" Matthew 24:35. Also it says in Psalms 91:15-16, "He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him My salvation". Get yourself a King James Version Bible and read from the book of Matthew onwards and you will experience His hand and guidance in your life!! All the best in your quest for the TRUTH!!
Philip Anthony Thomas
Philip Anthony Thomas 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
This is 21st century. Please don't dig out grand mother's old history and try to frighten the world.
Anton Dev
Anton Dev 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
i predict tomorrow will be a good day for whoever is reading my amazed how correctly i predicted tomorrow
Shantiswarup Sharma
Shantiswarup Sharma 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
Inki nai bhavishyawaniyon ka koi ant nahi dikhta. Lagta hai, samay ke sath nai bhavishyawanian swayam Jama ho jati hai jo adhiktar samayik bhi hoti hain. Shayad Nostrodomus ka duplicate karyarat hai.
Balachandra Rao
Balachandra Rao 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
French Guru of international charlatans! The joke is that he has even been saffronized!
Vijay Sachdeva
Vijay Sachdeva 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
Buffoons! Please leave Nostradamus in his grave. Just do your work which is expected of you - rest all will follow!
Sukadha Parthasarathy
Sukadha Parthasarathy 1/10/17, 7:06 AM
This is just a scam to get clicks on their ad page!
Saroj Viquar
Saroj Viquar 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
Right after the incident occurs they keep on check ing n find he has written about Indira Gandhi n Daina i have tht book but can't understand
Satyarthi Sahu
Satyarthi Sahu 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
Yes, this is true as you will find out to your dismay!! Jesus died for you and there is Salvation in no other name except His!! Acts 4:12. He is called the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. There is no other name above His. He is the "I AM THAT I AM". He was dead and is alive for evermore and has the keys of Hades and of Death!! However, if you talk to Him; He will respond to you and fulfill the greatest longings and the void of your soul. Find out for yourself.......
Satyarthi Sahu
Satyarthi Sahu 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
JESUS is not a religion but a Person who was once dead and He is now alive for evermore. The name Jesus means that He will save his people from their Sins. Now, who is a sinner. Everyone on earth is a sinner because we have sinned. There is a Principle in all major religions, which is - "without shedding of blood there is no remission of Sins. There Jesus died on the cross as a Sacrifice for the SINS of the whole world. He also died for you!! You have to invite Jesus into your heart and make Him the Lord of your life and He will come in and be your best friend and guide you till your death!! And then your soul will go to be with Him forever in heaven. This is the plan of SALVATION and is not found in any other name, except in the Name of Jesus!! Acts 4:12. Please talk to Jesus and He will answer you and help!! You have nothing to lose!! Try Him, Jesus is real. All the best!!
Cheruvu Srinivas
Cheruvu Srinivas 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
When did he come back?
Satyarthi Sahu
Satyarthi Sahu 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
Jesus hung on the cross for three days, from Friday to Sunday and rose from the dead. He is now alive forevermore and has the keys of Hades and of Death. Talk to Him and He will answer you!!
Ramakrishnan Mani
Ramakrishnan Mani 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
If he is living God, then what about the Holy Spirit and father? Are they not alive?
Satyarthi Sahu
Satyarthi Sahu 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
Yes, you are right. God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit are One of our Triune God. They are ALIVE and will interact when you call upon them!!
Dennis Leslie Panakal
Dennis Leslie Panakal 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
When will be the "judgement day".? Any clues of 2nd coming of jesus? Where is anti-christ? Who are the ones to be saved and who are those to be damned? Baptised or not Hindus are waiting for "avatar" Kalliki's arrival than biblical predictions of false prophets. Logic goes backwards and blind faith comes infront. Truly superstitious beyond words to describe human weakness.
Sangeeth Saseendran
Sangeeth Saseendran 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
"Top 10 predictions.." lol!! Who is rating the predictions?
Aswini Kumar
Aswini Kumar 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
I feel we interpret his quartrains to suit recent events. By the way, did he predict Modi and Trump?
Venkataraman N Neelakantan
Venkataraman N Neelakantan 1/9/17, 7:06 AM
Only first page is coming?
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