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Things pregnant Royals are not allowed to do!

To say that the Royal Family of England is different from any other average family would be an understatement, because, of course, almost everything they do is completely different from what yours would do. Take, for example, Kate Middleton, who is married to Prince William. The Duchess was recently pregnant with her third child and give birth five months ago and she showed up seven hours prior to that to greet the media! Now everybody wonders how will look Meghan Markle pregnancy. But we can be sure, whenever the pregnancy happens, a series of unusual events take place. In fact, the one who is carrying the child needs to follow so many rules that no one can ever think of! Here are some.

Expected to work until the due date

In the latest pregnancy of the Royal family, did you guys see Kate Middleton not attending an event only because she was prego?! NO! That is how serious this whole rule is! They need to work until D day! It has been said that around 70 to 80 percent of the women go through the tough time while being pregnant and if you are one of these, then no one really knows what is going to happen to you and all the work you have to do! Kate is one of those people with hyperemesis gravidarum but you saw her working during the whole time!


This is like being a celebrity on another level! So many things are expected from you one of which is smiling all the time! What if you just don’t feel like smiling that day!? Or you just had so much pain! Nope! That is what a Royal does! Smile... Imagine the days that you have the worst morning sickness ever while being pregnant you are just happy to know that you can at least call in sick and stay at home, right?! WRONG! You need to take everything here seriously and nothing lightly.

Baby shower

A lot of things before Kate give birth were already planned like where it has to happen. Also a no baby shower rule! Now if you were a Kardashian, you would get this crazy baby shower, one like never seen before and so many fancy gifts but what did Kate get?! Nothing because there is no baby shower in Royal family! They even got a Kate look alike and created a fake baby shower picture so we would know what it would be like if the Queen decided to throw her a baby shower.

Can’t talk about the gender

Another thing that you cannot do while being pregnant is to reveal the gender of the kid. You see how the celebrities lately are taking these gender reveals to a whole new level!?! Well, when it comes to the Royal pregnant lady, that cannot happen. They have protocols to announce that! Once when the baby is out and they are allowed to announce the name of the baby which happens not right away, then you get to learn what the gender of the baby is!

No tips

If you have been following the Royal family closely, you already know that they have so much of traveling in their schedule planned and some are not really that much of a close distance! While Kate was pregnant, this time, they went easy on her and she was only allowed to work close to home because they did not want to risk anything and wanted to make sure that she gets the help in times of need! Kate is also the one who is trying to be the working mom who knows how to handle it all and it is working for her now!

Queen Elizabeth II should be the first to know that the child is born

Once the third baby has safely reached the world, Prince William's, or Harry if he is the one having a kid, the first call will be to Queen Elizabeth II through an encrypted phone. At the same time, the private secretary of the royal couple, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, will inform the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and another small number of high-ranking officials, including the archbishop of Canterbury. Upon return to the Palace, officials will notify the head of each of the 54 Commonwealth countries and the Prime Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A preacher will make the announcement

The position of the town crier goes back to medieval times when most people did not know how to read or write. Tony Appleton, who has already announced the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, is known as the "unofficial" crier (although he prefers the term "independent") because he has no official connection with the royal family. The announcement of the preacher is not a real norm for this reason, but it is a tradition of historical importance that Appleton feels the passion to make.

Thank the press hours after birth

In Kate’s case, it happened so fast that people were worried about her! Just hours after giving birth to her two previous children and the new one, Kate Middleton left the hospital with perfect hair and makeup to pose for a photo shoot with all kinds of journalists who camped waiting to receive the news. The Mirror reported that Middleton's personal stylist was seen entering the hospital after giving birth to Princess Charlotte to prepare her. You need to be a professional to look fine with a smile on hours after giving birth!

The baptism will be weeks later in the Church of England

The ceremony of the baptism of a real baby is a private event without allowed means. Public access was not granted for Prince George's baptism, but crowds were allowed to gather outside the church in the case of Princess Charlotte, according to CNN. In addition, the baby should wear the same set that other children had previously worn, an 1841 design lace made for Queen Victoria, according to The Daily Mail. It should be noted that, for the first time, the baby's gender will not affect the next one in the row of the throne. Thanks to the Crown Succession Law passed in 2013, male heirs have no preference over their sisters.

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