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15 Illustrations about superheroes that have surprised networks!

Lucas Nascimento is a Brazilian illustrator who has become famous in the networks for his illustrations and comics related to the world of superheroes. He has been able to show people a somewhat peculiar side of the characters that everyone knows, giving it a twist and surprising comics lovers in this way. With his own personal style, he has found a place among the greatest within the networks thanks to this way of seeing and expressing his art in such an original and precise way. Comics in which, instead of saving lives, superheroes have situations as normal and common as any other person.

15 Illustrations about superheroes that have surprised networks! 1

1. Alien
Alien is such a sinister and evil character that we have a hard time imagining him as a responsible and loving father. However, it seems to be true that paternity can change even the worst of the worst. How cute he looks like!

2. The Mole
Like La Mole, it was difficult for us to imagine him as a father. But even more difficult was imagining his son. It is very funny to see his firstborn. If it were not for the diaper, we might think it's a rock and not a baby. In La Mole's eyes, we can see a lot of pride for the birth of her baby. What a tender scene!

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15 Illustrations about superheroes that have surprised networks! 2

3. Chuck Norris
In this situation, nobody can deny the extraordinary similarity between father and baby. Chuck's son resembles his father not only physically, but also in the way he acts. From the first day, it is noted that he has the certain courtship and fighting skills. Equal to his father!

4. Batman
Batman's son looks very cute but looks deceive. Apparently, the child is equally active like his father and cannot remain quiet for a moment. From the first day in this world do not stop making the traps. And from what we see he loves to fly, just like his dad.

5. Wolverine

5. Wolverine

Wolverine's son would be as rebellious as his father. You already notice that it will not be a difficult example to master. Even in the hospital, where certain rules have to be respected, the two gentlemen seem to remain indifferent. Wolverine is not even there willing to give up his cigar and his little son came out the same.

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5. Wolverine 1

6. Aquaman
Aquaman's baby was born with certain privileges. It is very likely that the rest of his life will be spent in the aquatic environment. By the courtesy of the nurses, you can spend your first days in a fish tank and not in a crib, like other babies. Surely that reminds him of his mother's belly, full of hot water.

7. Spiderman
They say that like father, like son. Indeed, the son of the Spiderman took much from his father. At least the sleeping mode is the same. They both love to sleep hanging from the ceiling. What a comfortable way to rest!

5. Wolverine 2

8. Stark
Apparently, Stark's son has already decided on his future and wants to continue with the family business. He was just born and has already started working. In this way, Stark does not have to worry about his son's profession. You just have to prepare a suit for the little Iron Man and he will be completely ready to continue with his duties.

9. Little Batman and Superman
We can imagine that the characters of the cartoons know each other and their children play with each other. In the image below we have the little Batman along with his little friend Superman. The little ones with their superpowers still do not know how to measure their strength.

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5. Wolverine 3

10. Robocop
This is, without a doubt, the funniest image of how the babies of the cartoon characters would look. To begin with, it does not even look like a baby. However, Robocop does not care and they see it with pride and satisfaction.

11. Martian Detective
The Martian Detective's baby looks like a huge octopus. Unfortunately, he does not know how to play with other babies and instead of sympathizing with them, he may hurt them. He still does not know how to control his movements and is disorganizing the work of the entire hospital.

5. Wolverine 4

12. Junior Flash
While all the babies are asleep like little angels, the son of Flash Junior does not even think about staying still. The nurse was paralyzed to see that a baby is missing in the room, but the little one is playing with his father and does not plan to return to the room. Equally restless to his father!

13. The Hawkman
Hawkman will still have to wait for his son's birth. For now, you can appreciate a fairly large sized egg, but neither he nor we know the details.

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5. Wolverine 5

14. The Flash

Everyone agrees that Flash is the universal champion of the jump rope game. The children of the Justice League are playing together, just as their parents are fighting together to save the world from all evil. The little ones learn through fun. Here we see how the little Flash trains agile like his father. The physical condition is of the utmost importance for these heroes who fight for goodness to triumph in the world.

14. The Flash

15. Mini-Superman

On the other hand, it has other advantages to be a friend of Mini-Superman … Thanks to their kind parents, the children know that in life you have to be kind and help those who need it. The children of Batman and Superman get along very well and for that reason, one helps the other. In this image, we see a great example of friendship. When one tires, the other carries him in his arms. Together they can go further.

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15. Mini-Superman
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