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WE REVEAL: The 11 safest countries that will not affect the Third World War...

Every time it seems less absurd the idea of ​approaching a war conflict of disproportionate proportions, especially taking into account the news recently released. Obviously, this article is hypothetical, because not all people have the means to travel anywhere in the world, nor do we know what will happen in the case of a World War III. In any case, it would not be bad to know which are the safest countries in the world today, in case you have to write them down on a possible list…

11. Switzerland

With a tradition of neutrality, bunkers scattered around and a heavily armed army, Switzerland has proved to be a safe haven during Europe's violent past. In addition, the borders of Germany, France, and Italy, which could be potentially dangerous areas in the event of a war, are closely separated by the great Swiss mountains. This means that people could take refuge in different places if violence suddenly erupts. But here's not the only one! Take a look at the following ones...

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10. Tuvalu

It is an island nation located deep in the Pacific Ocean, very remote and neutral; Its extreme remoteness helps you avoid political alignment. The small population of Tuvalu and its insignificant resources mean that the great powers would not have a strong reason to want to attack it. The inhabitants of Tuvalu produce and consume mainly their own goods and food, making them exclusively independent.

9. New Zealand

This could be one of the most remote nations of all, however, that does not mean that it is not developed, but quite the opposite. In addition, New Zealand has a stable democracy and is not involved in any armed global conflict. Like Switzerland, it's certainly mountainous terrain means that it could offer shelter to the locals if danger suddenly erupted. As if that were not enough, its high concentration of virgin flora and fauna offer one of the most spectacular views in the world. One of the following two sounds close...

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8. Bhutan

Its unique location makes it an excellent refuge for a Third World War. Surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most isolated landlocked countries on the planet. Since joining the United Nations in 1971, he has maintained an aversion similar to that of Switzerland for politically entangled and does not have direct diplomatic relations with the United States, something that is good for everyone at the end of the day.

7. Chile

This country is well known for being one of the most stable and prosperous nations of South America, occupying the highest position of any human-development nation in Latin America. In addition, it is protected by the Andes mountains around its borders; While it is true that you still have to work hard to eradicate all crime, in 2016 there were 30,000 fewer police cases than in the previous year, although it is somewhat relative. Even so, it would not be bad to have it in mind just in case.

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6. Iceland

Known for being a totally neutral country, Iceland managed to be ranked number one on the Global Peace Index in 2016. It also does not share land borders with any other country and has mountainous terrain to take refuge between conflicts. Although it is a country famous for the cold in winter, that does not mean that it does not have real wonders worth seeing, such as its numerous national parks, volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, black sand beaches, and geysers, as well as beautiful mountains.

5. Denmark

It is likely that if any conflict were to spread throughout Europe, Denmark would suffer due to its participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its dangerous proximity to the main nations of the European Union. However, it has the exception of Greenland; Like Iceland, Greenland is a large island that is remote, mountainous and not politically aligned, in addition to being very cold. But it's not really a problem, right?

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4. Malta

Throughout history, empires have tried and failed to seize the land of Malta, a small island nation of the Mediterranean Sea. An invasion of the island would be quite costly, and its small size might not justify the waste of a simple missile on it. It is also known that Malta is one of the safest countries in the world, where tranquility and peace reign, with an incredible quality of life and very few threats (both natural and criminal).

3. Ireland

While it is true that it is a prosperous and developed nation, it also has no strong link with any of the possible fighters of the Third World War. Ireland tends to lean toward a policy of independence; It is not a member of NATO and has a long history of military neutrality. Under Irish law, for Ireland to enter any external armed conflict, it must be approved by the UN, the Irish government and the legislature itself.

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2. Fiji

The remote island nation of Fiji lies within the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, which keeps Fiji isolated from potential invaders. It is small in population, neutral before foreign affairs and does not have sufficient resources to justify a warlike conflict. Its population does not reach one million inhabitants, and the temperature is good throughout the year, although it can rain a lot during the first months of the year.

1. Tasmania

Tasmania has a low population with a reasonable land area. The population density is about 7.5 people per square kilometer. Apart from the few metropolitan areas, Tasmania is almost all open green fields and rainforests. In addition, it is mostly self-sufficient, producing more than what is consumed and with hydroelectric energy. The problem is oil because if you do not find an alternative source of energy, they would return to the year 1800. The good news is that it has no real military objective other than the port of Hobart.

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