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15 Rules that Kardashian children should follow...

The Kardashian clan is one of the most powerful in Hollywood and throughout America today, and although this seems easy to control, it is essential to have many rules to follow in their day to day life. Thanks to the great fame that the whole family has had, they must avoid certain things so as not to attract attention in a negative way. In this article, we will tell you about some situations that the Jenner-Kardashian has regarding their babies and that without a doubt will leave you with your mouth open because it is crazy…

1. Training V
When some of the Kardashians walk the streets with their babies and the girls who care for them, everyone is forced to do a training. The nannies should position themselves in a V behind the diva, mostly with Kim, since in this way all the paparazzi will have their attention on the girl and not on the lullabies or offspring.

2. Nannies
Nannies are always attentive to children, and if they so require, they must follow any mandate of what the children need. In addition to this, they take care of the family dogs in the same way.

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15 Rules that Kardashian children should follow... 1

3. No jewelry
A few years ago Kim was assaulted in her apartment and has been more cautious since then. Therefore, she and her nannies have very well controlled the use of jewelry when they are walking around the city, in fact, it is said that they are forbidden.

4. Modeling
Although the little ones of the family are only 5 or fewer years old, they already pose for magazines and show a great sense of fashion. Kim and Kanye work in their line of children's clothing, which is why their children always wear the latest fashion and brag about it on the streets.

5. Time in front of television

In the same way as non-famous parents, the Kardashians worry about the time children spend in front of the television. Kourtney, for example, waited until the children had at least 2 years to access any electronic device. The children of Kourt are allowed half an hour a week and one on the weekends to use these devices. Also, they are not allowed at lunchtime, nor when the family may be communicating.

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5. Time in front of television

6. Social networks

Social networks are part of the life of the Kardashian clan, as part of their fame is thanks to this. However, the children are not allowed to have their own accounts, because they are still very young. However, several of the children in the family have started making YouTube videos, for example, Penelope, the daughter of Kourtney, who loves doing tutorials on how to make Slime. Kim follows the same rules with her children, and although some of her photos are taken by little North, she still does not allow her to use any communication platform.

6. Social networks

7. Wear clothes

Although they have all the money in the world, they reuse the clothes of their older siblings, and although it is impossible to believe, all have done. Even comparing the different styles of each of the children, Kourtney has said on several occasions that her little ones should do it. Kim and Kourtney said they have such a large closet that it's easy to find used clothes from their siblings to look fantastic. Garments can be so expensive that it makes sense that they want to use them on more than one child in the family.

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8. Visitors

Kylie just had her baby, Stormi, who, although she's only a few months old, has to follow some important rules. It seems that the first-time mother has a phobia of germs and is somewhat strict when it comes to her little one. The young mother prefers that people go to visit her at home since she does not like to take her to some possibly dirty or dangerous environment outdoors. Therefore, all guests must wear medical masks in front of the kid.

7. Wear clothes

9. Time to sleep

Both Kourtney and Kim have different routines for their little ones to go to sleep, and both do it perfectly. For example, in the house of Kourt, they must leave their iPhones and iPads to read books and watch the roof that shows stars and clouds, besides that there is background music that makes them sleep. Kim on the other hand, lets them choose their pajamas and then tells them a story before going to bed.

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10. Microwave

It has been shown in many studies that microwaves are extremely dangerous to health. Kourtney does not have one in her house, because when she was pregnant with Mason, she read about the toxins that the plastic containers used inside this electronic device can do to the body. So if the little ones or she wants to heat something, it should be boiled or in the toaster. In addition to this, she also worries that food loses its nutrients.

11. Diet

The Kardashian family is accustomed to following an important diet and that undoubtedly makes them look incredible. So it was to be expected that their little ones would lead a similar life because they are used to this. Your diet should be free of gluten and dairy, regardless of whether any of them are allergic to these nutrients. However, Kourtney says that this makes them behave better, and even prepares them cakes or cookies of this type every time they go to a birthday party. Kim on the other hand, also applies something similar, since their children should consume only organic food, and without any added sugar. Besides, that nothing processed will be in your kitchen.

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8. Visitors

12. Parents

Although many of the rules used by both are similar, in reality, they have very different styles and the other does not really respect much. For example, Kourtney is very close to her little ones, and without a doubt, she has decided to continue that way, and she loves that the children sleep with her in her bed. Kim, on the other hand, has described her parenting as super strict, and in this case, they have different opinions on this subject because their children must respect this type of thing.

13. Smoothies

Kourtney loves being up to date, and will undoubtedly stay that way for many more years, and like her, her little ones should follow a strict diet, in which smoothies will be an essential part of their life. Like every mother, this girl from the Kardashian clan wants to ensure that her children have the number of vitamins and nutrients important to the body. Therefore, you will always see the family drinking smoothies made with fruits and vegetables.

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14. Quality time

Another situation that is totally different between Kim and Kourtney is their courage to take small offspring to important events. For example, when North was barely a year old, Kim took her to a fashion show in New York fashion week, where Kanye participated, and the baby was between Beyoncé and Anna Wintour. Kourtney, on the other hand, is carried away day by day and in this type of events leaves the children with their nannies to avoid any problems.

15. Future rules

Khloe is a new mom, just like Kylie and was asked in an interview if she would let her little baby watch her reality show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians," and she said no. "You will not be able to watch the show until you are at least 13 years old," Khloe said. She also assured that the show is not suitable for minors, and their children will not be an exception to this.

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9. Time to sleep
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