Published 2018-05-14
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Types of emotional violence

Most of their conversations revolve around their needs and the obligations of the couple, but they become furious if something is demanded from them, even if it is their obligations. If you feel unhappy, it will be your partner's fault. It may seem less controlling than other types of emotional violence if your needs are met. He is considered an admirable person, as well as his skill and intelligence, as well as his achievements.

Types of emotional violence 1

He knows exactly what to do, even what is best for his partner. Therefore the opinions of your partner do not deserve to be heard or taken into consideration, especially when they are different from yours. If there are disagreements, think that they are an expression of the couple's ineptitude and feel it as a way to mistreat her, regardless of how respectful she is expressing herself.

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Types of emotional violence 2
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