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5 Benefits of practicing a hobby together

Sometimes we do not spend the time we would like with our partner. Work absorbs us and when we return home the last thing we want is to go out again. This situation can cause a distance with your partner almost without realizing it, a disconnection that if we do not know how to detect it can be the beginning of many problems. Hence, practicing a hobby together is one of the best solutions. Many times, having nothing in common is enriching, but others times are the real pain!

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The truth is that each relationship has its advantages and disadvantages, and a good way to promote the first is to practice a hobby together. Surely among so many activities, there must be some to combine and be entertaining. Or maybe one can discover the other. Do not be closed to learning new things! The benefits of having fun as a couple are innumerable. Ties are strengthened, the knowledge of the other is facilitated benefits relationship is strengthened.

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Sometimes, getting a little more involved with the other is the solution to all the problems. Let's see what are the benefits of practicing a hobby together!

Increase trust between both
Sharing a hobby translates into spending more time together and this amounts to strengthening feelings of intimacy and confidence. In fact, it can facilitate talking about the problems that concern us, commenting on something important or simply expressing our emotions.

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Trust is one of the fundamental values ​​of a couple. The moment it disappears, the relationship falters and there is usually no going back. Practicing a hobby together helps maintain that camaraderie between them that is often lost with routine.

There are less fights
Humor improves, the relationship strengthens and communication increases. What does this mean? Well, if something bothers us about our partner, it will be easier for us to tell him about it.

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By practicing a hobby together we share a motive, a goal that we will not reach without the help of the other. Thus, we will learn to take our losses in another way and to share the joys for the triumphs achieved as a team. Because of this, arguing for nonsense will not be as usual, since we are used to having the other, to put ourselves in their place and work together.
"Love does not to be understood. It needs only to be shown." -Paulo Coelho-

Increase complicity

Increase complicity

Practicing a hobby together increases complicity and favors the connection with the couple, aspects that we often forget. We can take advantage of these approaches to rekindle the flame. The looks, the caresses, and the smiles often play a primordial role at the time of returning to dazzle the other. You can also propose the idea of ​going to dinner or a walk together after practicing the activity that has been chosen together.

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Caring for each and every aspect of the relationship is very important, hence making an alternative plan also counts.

It gives emotion to life as a couple
Many times we get so used to the other, that magic is lost. We always do the same, we do not bother to innovate and we end up bored. Practicing a hobby together ends with that devastating feeling and gives wings to our imagination.

Increase complicity 2

There are sports, such as skydiving, climbing or bungee jumping, which, apart from being exciting, are ideal for practicing as a couple. The adrenaline is triggered, the endorphins are blooming, and the passion re-ignites without hardly telling us. Although it is true that not everyone can practice them... Therefore, there are other types of sports such as paddle tennis, cycling, swimming, dancing or yoga which are also good options.

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You enjoy more as a couple

Practicing a hobby with another person is always more fun than doing it alone. It is demonstrated that the joys, shared, are enjoyed twice. That does not mean that from now on we only practice certain activities with our partner. We all need our moments alone, to affirm otherwise would be to lie. What is also true is that with it we will discover new points of view, other ways of seeing the activity that may not have occurred to us.

You enjoy more as a couple

On the other hand, practicing a hobby together should improve our lives as a couple, not make it worse. There are many relationships in which arguments and anger are the order of the day, and even sharing a hobby can solve it. In these cases, it is best to look for other means of communication and, if necessary, speak with a specialist. If we really want to save what we have with the other, we must contribute our bit and not succumb to parasitism or accommodation.

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You enjoy more as a couple 1
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