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Most dumbest Christmas presents bought by celebrities

Mariah Carey

Mariah has bought a Reindeer and Sleigh for her Christmas in 2014. She is known to be a Christmas junkie. Carey also sang a song named "All I want for Christmas" which went to become a VERY successful Christmas song in the whole world. It was released in the year 1994. She is also well known to be the host of the best Christmas parties in the entire Hollywood industry.

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John Legend

John Legend has bought a giant cheese wheel for his wife Chrissy Teigen in the year 2015. The musician who is known for a lot of great songs like "All of me" had a great gesture. John Legend reportedly spent about $1000 on this giant cheese just because it was his wife’s childhood dream to buy such huge cheese wheel for the Christmas dinner. They have also posted a lot of pictures of it in social media so you can all see it if you like.

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Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger was gifted Chanel skis for her Christmas in the year 2015. This amazing German model has done a lot of different advertisements but the special projects that she was truly happy about were for Chanel. As a token of appreciation, she was gifted a Chanel ski by the fashion brand itself. We can all see this incredible gift as Diane has posted it in social media. Probably for everybody to be just jealous.

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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has bought a 1962 Chevy Impala car to gift it to her boyfriend Nick Young. She has bought this blue coloured car, tied a red ribbon around it and presented it for Christmas. This Australian singer is known for giving away amazing gifts for Christmas to her near and dear ones. Iggy has gifted this car in 2014. In return, the NBA player has gifted her a diamond studded heart necklace. Worthwhile exchange!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has gifted his daughter Suri Cruise a $130,000 worth horse for Christmas in the year 2011. Apparently, Tom's daughter had a very long Xmas list and the star dad did not want to dissapoint her. He also bought her $15,000 diamond earrings and $1500 gowns that will make her look like a real princess. By doing so, Cruise just proved that he's not only the best actor but also the best dad ever.


Drake has bought a stripper pole for himself as a Christmas gift in the year 2012. Unlike others who buy Christmas trees to celebrate. This amazing singer has bought this gift and set it up in his house. Drake who is a great rapper in the Hollywood music industry has also posted a picture in his social media showing off his Christmas present. Anyone would like it?

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has bought himself for Xmas in 2015 alive present, commonly known as pretty dangerous. It was reported that while he visited Moscow, Russia in 2015 he was amazed by it and spent $20,000 just to get his dream gift. Floyd reportedly bought an exotic Indian tiger. This popular boxer is not the only one who has bought such wild cat as a pet for himself. Apparently, tigers became very popular in the boxing industry.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has gifted her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, a house constructed on a waterfall in 2011. The house is located in California. Brad Pitt was born seven days before Christmas so this present was probably a birthday one, but Xmas was just annother good reason for buying it. Though, they are not in relation anymore, this house still stands strong on the waterfall in California.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is known to have gifted himself few amazing and crazy things every now and then. This gift shocked almost everybody. Apparently, Tyson gifted his ex-wife and actress Robin Givens $2 Million bathtub for Christmas in the late 80’s. Don't be shocked by the price that he has spent because it's just an ordinary bathtub. It's completely made of 24 karat gold.

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Aaron and Tori Spelling

Aaron and Tori Spelling bought $2 Million worth fake snow for Christmas and that's everything just to ensure they have a white Xmas. Their kids wanted to celebrate white Christmas and as you all know California is a place where it never snows so Hollywood producer planned to drape their complete estate with fake snow. And that's something you can call "making dreams come true".
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