Published 2018-05-15
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7 Reasons why a man gets bored by a girl

The human being is a social animal by obligation. This means that however much we want to live isolated from the rest of the planet, we need communication, affection, and appreciation from the people around us. That is why we always end up trying to form relationships, although very commonly they are the ones who finally end up getting tired of us and break the relationship. If you want to prevent this from happening you will only have to avoid these 7 reasons.

1. Novelty of the moment

We all like and we are excited about a novelty. Knowing a person can be a challenge that almost always ends up being pleasant. In fact, it is in those first minutes that we crave to kiss for the first time who we want when we experience the highest climax. But when everything happens, if we cannot reconvert the relationship, we will only be pasture and disappear into oblivion. This is possibly the first and most important reason. However, the others are much more common than we think.

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2. Fragile union

If we sin to go too fast, possibly we end up creating something fragile in the relationship, based on patches that we will be putting on a path more oriented to acceptance and denial than to the respect and love towards the person. Unfortunately, this will only be a time bomb that will explode with the first real bump in the road. A new person, an economic crisis or a strong fight could shake the relationship in an irrepressible way.

3. Routine

There is nothing that kills a relationship more than routine. No matter how funny or enjoyable it is, subtracting the magic of the unexpected and adding tedium and boredom, even the brightest of the plans ends up being something ungraceful. If we do not try to innovate, to know ourselves better, to respect the decisions of the other, the relationship will be doomed to boredom and, from there show up the problems that give rise to the rupture. No matter how fun something can be, you will always have to combine it with something new to keep the magic. Only a few manage to keep the flame alive for many years...

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4. Better opportunities

Although it may sound disloyal, we all tend to try to find something better than what we already have. It may be a younger, more attractive, more fun or even better economically. Be that as it may, and no matter what we do, our partner will always be exposed to the possibility of breaking up to find someone new that ends up separating us. The key to preventing this from happening is through communication. Only so you can know if there really is that opportunity or need for someone else.

5. Lack of communication

When we do not talk with our partner, either because we do not have common points or because one of the two always tries to avoid dialogue, we are dynamiting one of the fundamental pillars of a relationship. Thanks to having confidence, patience and listening as well as speaking, we can see the problems that can affect us from afar, count on your support or even manage to overcome a couple crisis more easily. If you have not seen any threat yet, congratulations!

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6. Lack of intimate moments

We not only speak about bed moments but also to pass situations alone, where romance and affection knock on the door of your relationship. If we always try to share each situation with our friends and we do not leave any room for these moments of complicity between, the relationship could become little more than a friendship with something else. This would be the perfect breeding ground for us to be left by someone much more explosive.

7. Excessive criticism

A person may make a mistake. It's okay for us to accept the error and try to correct it. But if he starts to think that everything is wrong, that he is not worth something or that he is clumsy, he will not feel valued. Thanks to this, if you know another woman who tells you what is really important, possibly rethink if you want to continue your depressed life or decide to change for someone who in your eyes is better. Do not forget that a relationship has to be a long distance race, not a final sprint.

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When love fades away, men start to be more annoyed. It may be hard to distinguish his depressive mood connected with problems at work from his dissatisfaction with your relationship. When you’re together, he has a headache, is irritated when you speak too loud or distract him from other minor things. He doesn’t pay you compliments any longer and now the happiest day is that when you don’t quarrel. Some time ago he didn’t pay attention to your moodiness or some mistakes and now he faults you for anything you do wrong.

He avoids you as much as he can. He comes back home from work late, spends more time with his friends in the pub and when he is back, he goes straight to bed. If he loved you, he would miss you at work, text you some witty messages or plan some romantic dates. So when it seems that his friends spend more time with him and know better what’s going on in his life then be careful! That may be the sign that he is only interested in your dinner and happy when his clothes are clean and ironed but where is the love? It probably has gone away.

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