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9 Military secrets that Obama revealed to Trump...

The militia is one of the most important branches of the world for the government, as well as one of the most confidential one. But sometimes, these secrets come to light. Incredible as it may seem, the world related to the military, its maneuvers and other participation in conflicts has a background that is rarely shown in the media. That is why throughout this article we will discuss the 9 secrets that the military, as well as the government, do not want you to know.

1. Bedroom rules

When we refer to the United States Navy, any position at the moment of intimacy that goes beyond the missionary is illegal. Why? It is one of the original rules that were implemented in the days of "forbidden to ask, forbidden to say". There is also another theory that says it was created to combat a homogender lifestyle. Either way, this law has not come back to the surface, although the Marines will make sure to close the door when intimate.

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2. Zombie Plan

We really enjoy seeing zombies in television shows and movies, thinking that the fact that a zombie apocalypse occurs is merely the result of the script of an element of fiction. However, it has been discovered that the Pentagon has a protocol in case the zombies become more than just fiction. While it reassures us to know that there is a plan in case this happens, it is also terrifying because the zombies could be real someday. The military has classified zombies as nonhumans and not animals, and has categorized them into 8 different sections.

3. Lack of rights

Joining the armed forces is one of the most heroic actions a man can do, and you will probably be admired for serving your country. But what most do not know is once you sign to serve the military, you lose a lot of important rights, like the First Amendment. If you are guilty of a crime, you have no right to a lawyer, since the military has its own court. If you commit a crime outside your base, like fighting in a bar, you can be arrested by the police, and then you will respond to your commander.

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4. Poison

Despite all the conspiracies accusing the military of poisoning the population of the United States through chemical wakes and pesticides, there have, in fact, been intoxications. For example, during Prohibition, the government was trying to guess another way for people to break the law by drinking alcohol. Therefore, they put a substance called methyl alcohol into ordinary alcoholic beverages at the same time that people began to be dizzy, and thus avoid the action of drinking alcohol itself.

5. Pakistani Navy

US relations with the Middle East are well known for being turbulent, but their relationship with Pakistan is certainly interesting. The intelligence officers of Pakistan and the United States Navy have been working hand in hand to create a Pakistani army through the Internal Intelligence Services, in this way, the Navy obtains part of the funds and training of the United States. This military group even helped the United States topple the terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda.

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6. John Lennon

During the Vietnam War, Beatles member John Lennon was very clear and concise about his opposition to the concept of war, premiering several songs in which he expressed disdain and promoted the use of peace. The FBI began to worry about Lennon trying to be more disruptive in terms of the relationship between politics and war, so they began to monitor him. In 1972, at the Republican National Convention, Lennon was killed because he was thought to start a protest, which never came to fruition.

7. Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Although it was really Area 51 that took all the fame of being a military base that studied the aliens, there was another basis that played a very important role in the UFO investigation. Located near Dayton, Ohio, Wright Patterson Base, it is believed that the place where a lot of flying saucers and alien bodies were stored for further study. When the phenomenon of "Men in Black" occurred between 1960 and 1970, the military personnel of the base was in charge of organizing interviews and collecting evidence.

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8. Experiments

Because most soldiers and military personnel leave aside their rights, they can become the target of secret experiments without even realizing it. For example, many subjects in the CIA experiment called MK Ultra did not realize that they had been exposed to narcotic drugs, hallucinogens, and other chemicals that they had used to get control of the mind to some degree. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but everything is documented and proven.

9. Grand Central Terminal

Nine floors below the Grand Central Terminal in New York, there is a military bunker considered a "High Secret", which was used during the war to transport a large number of soldiers from the front. The bunker is known as M-42, and during World War II, the entrance to it was protected by Navy guards, who received orders to shoot anyone who came to the area. If you ask any employee or military about the bunker, you will want to avoid all kinds of questions about it.

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