Published 2018-05-16
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4 Incredible strategies used by the media to manipulate...

In today's days, any person with a minimum of critical sense knows the way in which the media exert their functions well, sometimes perverting the right to quality information that every democracy should protect for its citizens. The truth is that, for the fear of not falling into censorship, on more occasions than it should happen, the various nations give "open bar" to the media to publish almost any data lacking official corroboration.

Freedom of information is a fundamental guarantee that every social and democratic state of law must recognize in the formal section and practice on the material plane. However, the lying course that some of the news that is currently published invites us to consider possibilities of sanctions that, without even demanding extreme sentences such as imprisonment, can in any way harm their offenders.

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In any case, the most sensible thing seems to be that the cornerstone that was used to define the seriousness of this type of crime was always the veracity or falsity of the data, and not so much the identity of the persons to whom the facts are imputed. In the absence of a clear and rigid regulation in this regard, and not even a serious social debate about the way in which false information should be repressed,

We present here at least some of the keys used by the media to falsify information and sell newspapers. Since nobody is going to stop you from trying, be yourself who is not fooled!

1. Create a distraction
Indeed, the media are experts in opening up a whole new front with the frivolous purpose of distracting citizens and increasing their sales, if not in addition to creating a "smoke screen"...

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...capable of distracting the population from its real problems. Therefore, at this point, there is a more entrepreneurial side of the media in its purely lucrative facet, and another more political current affects the defense of hidden interests of sectors that sustain the medium in question from the shadows.

2. Oversize a problem
In this section, what the media basically does is to modify the reality of the most simple and everyday events…

Trying to grant their interest based on half-truths or directly lies in a substantive sense. As an example, we find the popular news that the magazine "Cosmopolitan" published in 2016 about the zodiac. They said that science had shown the falsity of the horoscope as we know it thanks to a recent discovery by NASA, when the only thing that this organization had done in its day was to suggest that, if astrology had a scientific basis, some signs of the zodiac…

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...they should change their position. NASA had to retract.

3. Abuse of kindness
The media uses various strategies to generate influence in the public. Among the best that exist is to present and adapt their languages ​​and cultures in the councils they disseminate to try to convince. This method works with remarkable effectiveness with special intensity in the case of the youngest.

A few would convince an advertisement in Mexico, related in Spanish from Spain since although they speak the same language the differences of the colloquial language generate certain reluctance that the mass media cannot ignore in order to convince.

4. Making the public feel guilty
This is one of the most recurrent basic strategies in the, sometimes misnamed, world of journalism and information.

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The technique that we present to you now consists of touching the most sensitive fiber of the general public. As an example, we mention an image that went viral in 2014 about a child who lay down with his parents and was taken on the occasion of a project dedicated to love the family. This document was presented to the world as an image taken in a war zone according to what means…

...which pretended to show that these parents had died because of an armed attack and that the son suffered for it. Such was the surprise of the real source of the photograph, which eventually came before the media to clarify the situation.

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