Published 2018-05-16
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9 Mistakes that we all make when using perfumes...

Since "scent is a language that does not require the use of words", most people cannot do without perfumes even in spite of their high prices. However, although hundreds of ingredients, millions of combinations and countless designs of bottles and jars are so captivating and exceptional, we continue to make various errors related to the application or conservation of fragrances. Next, we will reveal the truth about the 9 most common and frequent. Take notes!

1. Price does not indicate quality

If you are one of those people who do not mind getting into debt to pay for branded perfumes, the first item on our list will bring some relief to your pocket. The truth is that the most expensive fragrances do not have to be the most lasting, or "the best". Since its cost has to do with design and not with quality, it does not make sense to think that someone "smells better" just because you can afford to buy a perfume launched by Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent.

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2. Strength can vary

Those who believe that all perfumes have the same strength are very wrong. What they ignore is that the aroma of each one depends on the number of oils and aromatic components used for its elaboration, but it also has to do with the concentration of each one of the ingredients. Precisely because of this, a perfume and an "eau de toilette" are not the same.

3. The quantity

Although many people seem to believe otherwise, emptying half the bottle each time they are using perfumes is not a good idea either. Those who are used to doing so usually saturate the people around them, but never "improve the quality" of the fragrances that are applied.

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4. No need to rub

Do you also spray the perfumes on your wrists (or other parts of the body) and rub them after a moment? If so, better stop doing it once and for all. Although many people believe that in this way "impregnates" the aroma of their skin, the truth is that it produces an opposite effect. Activating the oils used in the production process, causes the perfume to fade more quickly with the passing of the hours.

5. The colony vs. perfume

If you join the vast group of "connoisseurs" sure that the colonies are made only for men, and perfumes are women's products par excellence, you're about to be surprised. Once again, the devil is in the details, and again it is the details concerning the concentration of its ingredients. In short, the level of alcohol and the intensity of a colony is much lower than that of perfumes and perfumed waters, but only slightly lower than that of an "eau de toilette". It has nothing to do with genres!

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6. Changes in the aroma

Both our olfactory apparatus and our skin can react in different ways to the fragrances applied to the body. The question depends on our mental and emotional state: the perception (and smell) of a perfume changes especially when we are nervous, stressed, or hurry. Also, the aroma seems sharper and marked in the morning, than at night.

7. It all depends on the surface

As often as it is, spraying the colonies on clothes does not help to discover their character. Since the essential particles tend to change their aroma according to the surface they come into contact with, the best thing is to apply perfumes on the inside of the wrist. We tell you the reason for it in the next point!

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8. The famous French way of applying the fragrances does not work either

Even if the Parisians prefer to go through a "cloud" created by the sprayer of their perfumes, the most lasting result is obtained by putting the aromatic combinations on the hot spots of the body (wrists, neck, the area between the breasts, below the knees, etc.) Only in this way is it possible to smell just as well throughout the day!

9. The truth about perfumes in the bathroom

Since perfume bottles should be kept closed, away from sources of light and heat, exposing them on the shelves of the bathroom or near the window influences their quality negatively. The contact with the steam and the high temperatures proper to the bathrooms makes them lose the essence of their aroma.

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