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9 Things that attract the SPIRITS and those that we should pay great attention to...

It is often said that ghosts are spirits that have not found their true place in the cosmos. It is as if they were trapped in the middle of two worlds, either because they had some pending issue or because they suffered such a brutal death that their souls ended up breaking, preventing them from going to the "beyond". Such spirits, who are imprisoned in this world, persecute and prowl places where there is the weakness in the hope of revenge in some way.

9 Things that attract the SPIRITS and those that we should pay great attention to... 1

The negative energy brings them closer and closer, and it is believed that the following factors or things carry an especially strong attraction for a spirit that has lost its way…

As you know, the only thing that violence does is generate more violence and any place that has suffered from abuse or brutality, whatever the type, accumulates a large amount of negative energy.

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9 Things that attract the SPIRITS and those that we should pay great attention to... 2

Cruelty and death are things that break the human soul, and it is said that ghosts can feel all those "broken spirits". In fact, places that have experienced a history of violence are often known as enchanted, and it is the attraction of pain that tempts them to the place.

Deep sadness
It is often known that spirits or ghosts often torment people who suffer from deep sadness within them.

9 Things that attract the SPIRITS and those that we should pay great attention to... 3

These individuals, who lost all hope and reasons to continue living, are extremely weak in their being since they have tried to fight for too long. In this way, it is believed that ghosts are attracted to these weaker souls to play with them and harm them (or even possess them) since their soul cannot defend themselves from evil spirits.

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9 Things that attract the SPIRITS and those that we should pay great attention to... 4

Anger or rage

A house or family that has experienced numerous moments of anger, fury or rage, as well as a person whose soul is continually furious or who feels nothing but anger in their heart, are very susceptible to ghostly intrusions or spirits. In other words, the large amount of negative energy radiated by their feelings easily attracts these evil souls, and they even find that the weak disposition of angry people is easy to pursue and possess.

Anger or rage


It should be noted that death is one of the most powerful forces when it comes to attracting all kinds of ghostly entities, not only spirits of people, but also demonic entities. Suicide, especially, is believed to be one of the greatest sins that one can commit and, therefore, the places that have suffered such misfortunes are usually highly haunted. In addition, the negative energy impregnated in the walls by suicides tends to remain in this place over the years, making it inhospitable to the life of future generations.

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Buildings that have seen abuses between their walls, such as rape, violence or abuse, are hot spots with respect to negative energy. You could say that they are full of the pain of all those human souls, so the sadness ends up filtering into them. In the same way, the people who have carried out these abuses, do not have love in their hearts to be protected, while those who suffer even more the loss of love, making them very susceptible to the intrusion of a spirit.


Fury and murder

Anger is the extreme form of anger and often results in abuse, pain, and sadness. As a result, it is believed that the ghosts consider that these actions are very suitable for their own purposes and, often, can be observed persistent in the vicinity. In addition, murder is the main example of hatred and rage, united to commit a great sin. The places that have seen murders and the people who have committed such acts are one of the most gullible when it comes to a spell.

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Fury and murder

The sadness in the place and the hearts of the murderers attracts the spirits like a moth to a light bulb.

Hate and anxiety
Hate, envy, jealousy, etc... are some of the most negative emotions that humans are capable of transmitting. In addition, they are extremely attractive to spirits who thrive on negativity and feed on the weaknesses of the human heart.

Fury and murder 1

Places that have witnessed hatred and people who have hated with pleasure and without objection are very susceptible to a ghostly intrusion. On the other hand, an anxious heart is a troubled one who cannot fight against the attacks of an evil soul. A weak heart can easily be tormented, and the evil that persists finds it quite natural to attack a soul full of anxiety.

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Fury and murder 2
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