Published 2018-05-17
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People who think they look like celebrities

It is very common that people, especially teenagers want to look like their idols. They do everything possible to be able to get close to what celebrities look like. Girls want to comb their hair and makeup like actresses and singers, while children try to dress like celebrities. Those who are older, even try to operate to look a little more like celebrities. Here we present real cases of people who think they resemble celebrities, but the reality is a little different.

1. Vin Diesel

Even though this person clearly has very high self-esteem, Vin Diesel most likely does not believe the same. Since honestly their physical characteristics are somewhat different... The acclaimed actor is recognized for his roles as the tough guy and bad as Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious or as Xander Cage in the series of xXx. However, he has never been seen as a businessman, without muscle. Without a doubt, this example is not the best to compare the handsome artist.

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2. Shakira

Ok, the hair looks like, it has the same style maybe. However, that is easy to copy, since anyone can go, show an image of their favorite artist and say they want to look like him or her. What people cannot achieve, even though thousands have tried it through surgeries, is physically like them. Their characteristics are so recognized worldwide that many could imitate them, but look like these are a detail that not everyone will achieve.

Thanks to her music, Shakira has achieved a great world fame and without a doubt shows the Latin beauty. In spite of the fact that at the present time she dyes her blonde hair and no longer has such dark skin. Regarding Julia Roberts, the most likely thing is that we cannot compare her in the same way, because in her best period in Hollywood, she was recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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3. Vanessa Hudgens

We believe that just posing as your favorite artist does not make you look like them. However, this girl even puts disparaging emojis: "Many little people tell me that I look like Vanessa Hudgens". However, the beautiful actress has been considered as one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood since he began his career and achieved fame after the High School Musical. So, if you do not want to show the world that you want to "look" like the celebrity, what would you comment on this? What do you think Hudgens thinks about this?

4. Beyonce

Beyoncé has been considered as one of the most beautiful artists today, she has managed to represent African-American people with great courage. Thanks to her extravagant personality and incomparable beauty, everyone has tried to imitate her on several occasions. From celebrities to ordinary people idolize and the singer is a great star with incredible musical ability.

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5. Emma Watson

"He always tells me that I look like "Emma Watson," I tell him I'm prettier." How to begin to describe Emma? It is not simply pure physical beauty, which without a doubt is incomparable in the whole world, but it is a girl with a big heart. Watson has shown that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, in whatever way people see her, she could be considered as the girl that everyone dreams of being or that all men dream of having as a girlfriend.

6. Maluma

"I hate it when they say I look like Maluma." In this clear example of what Juan Luis is NOT, we can see that this boy really does not have an ounce of resemblance to the handsome singer. The Colombian is recognized for his musical style but managed to achieve fame thanks to the combination of his voice and his great physical attractiveness that undoubtedly leaves us all sighing.

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7. Justin Bieber

Well, in this case, we can say that there are certain similarities, Justin is not recognized for his physical attractiveness. In fact, at present, he has only changed the hairstyle and the musical style to show that puberty helped his voice to mature. However, this guy has clearly shown endless features that make him believe he looks like the artist. However, probably Bieber would not be so happy with such a comparison, therefore we will say that they are not so similar.

8. Kim Kardashian

This girl has a great self-esteem, and without a doubt, if she bears a resemblance to the Kim Kardashian, it is because of the thousands of surgeries she underwent in reality. In fact, we could probably compare it with Kim of 2008 and previous years, because at that time they would have certain characteristics. Currently, the acclaimed celebrity is known to be totally plastic.

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