Published 2018-05-17
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8 Tricks so that your boyfriend never wants to kiss another

Kissing is one of the most beautiful actions in the world since it expresses your feelings towards the other person. When you have a relationship usually in the first months you cannot stop petting your partner, and you would like him to be the only one who touches your lips for the rest of your life. However, in many cases, the situation changes completely, and the interest of some could simply disappear. In this article, we will tell you some tricks that will help you so that your boyfriend never wants to change your lips for those of another girl.

8 Tricks so that your boyfriend never wants to kiss another 1

1. Listen to your partner
Although sometimes it is not possible, it is important to know what your boy prefers, and thus they will have a great experience together.

2. Easy
The best kisses are given slowly, do not go fast as if you were eating Nutella and it all stayed on your palate, I do not think that your partner likes it.

8 Tricks so that your boyfriend never wants to kiss another 2

You must learn the types of kisses that exist, and everyone knows that you must go slow to enjoy it better. In addition to this, the technique is very important. Do not get nervous, the first kiss with that person will be like that, but after a while, they will achieve the perfect harmony that they certainly cannot forget. Stroking the face is a great plus.

3. Correct posture
Although kissing is the most important part of the lips, for obvious reasons…

8 Tricks so that your boyfriend never wants to kiss another 3

You really have to create a comfortable situation for both of you. Your body and that of your partner have to be close, touching the waist, or with hands around your neck. Remember that these actions express what you are feeling for that being that is next to you, and you must demonstrate it in the best possible way; in this way, they will never want that moment to end. The caresses you give are important at this moment.

8 Tricks so that your boyfriend never wants to kiss another 4

4. Calm and tranquility

It is likely that the two are nervous, it is normal when someone is attracted, and if it is the first kiss, always feel a horrible uneasiness at first. However, you have to let things flow, if you like everything to go perfectly, because if you stress you could ruin the environment. Just start talking and both will know when to start, do not force the situation, because afterward, they could finish the desire to continue with what they were going to do, so, calm down, relax and let everything go naturally.

4. Calm and tranquility

5. Security

Trust is a key point for life, both in love and in work. You should keep in mind that a person you like will make you feel nervous, but you must remember to keep yourself safe. This type of attitude is noticed quickly, so if you have any doubts, take a deep breath and think that you are worth a lot. Something important is always is prepared for anything, so when you know you're going out with a guy, gets ready, carry some gum at all times, and you'll achieve great things.

5. Security

6. Creativity

Remember that if you kiss in the same way all the time, it will become boring and monotonous, always try to change the forms. Creativity is an important key when being with a person, you must go fast, then slow, play around a little. You have a lot of things you can do, then you will achieve great results. We assure you that your boy will never want to leave you, what you should do is simply to know the types of kisses that both of you like and, in that way, you will have an incredible night.

6. Creativity

7. Bite

This point depends on the preference of both, you must also control yourself, you have a human opponent, not food. A lot of people like to take a bite while they kiss, but some get over and end up hurting the other person. If you cannot resist, do it gently, but remember that not everyone enjoys it, so if you see a bad reaction from the other, do not do it and everything is solved.

7. Bite

Another option is to concentrate your lips on only one of your partner, in this way you will put all your attention there.

8. Cleaning
This point is very important since nobody likes to kiss someone who apparently never brushes their teeth. You need to have a good oral hygiene and always be prepared with some mint or chewing gum…

7. Bite 1

In this way, you will feel that you are well armed for war. If you are in a bar, try to drink something to get rid of the smell of alcohol, as it is not attractive either. Another interesting tip is that, if you put an ice on the lips, it will help you give volume and this will make the kiss more pleasant.

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7. Bite 2
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