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A tender kiss uncovered the romance of Michael Jackson's daughter and her beautiful girlfriend...

Time does not stop, and everything around it evolves even with the conceptions of love that are as shocking as they are necessary. Even so, in spite of the many steps forward that have taken place, the classic concept of the monogamous and heterogender relationship of bourgeois inheritance continues to be the prevailing one, and in general, it still strikes us when we see for example a couple of women walking hand in hand or kissing on public roads.

The reactions in this regard go from mere discomfort to the clearest indignation or manifest reprimand in the case of some energumens. In a few cases, we react with some indifference, and in the best and most minority, with acceptance and respect of the situation. The importance of reaching a stage in which the latter is the majority opinion emerges from a basic exercise in empathy.

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Nobody would like to be bothered by their partner in any situation for the mere fact of expressing their love in a measured way in the light of day. And in fact, this is how it has happened in the news that we present to you next. In line with what we said in the previous lines if we lived in a more advanced society in terms of tolerance, the event we are now reporting in this article might not be news.

But it is, and for that reason - not before making this brief reflection in favor of tolerance -, we present here what happened so that you do not miss any current events. The protagonists of our story today are Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne, which, as reported by English media, are immersed in a sentimental relationship.

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But as there is no news without a character, we must clarify by explaining first of all who we are talking about, since not everyone has the knowledge about the world of fame. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is an American actress born on April 3, 1998, who has also served as a model, whose fame is largely due to the fact that she is the daughter of the legendary artist Michael Jackson. This is because this girl is nothing less than the second daughter - and the only one of its kind - that Michael Jackson had with Debbie Rowe.

Although it is no less true that the King of Pop had two more children with a different mother, another boy, and another girl. Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is a writer, model, and actress of British origin born in London on August 12, 1992. She was awarded the British Fashion Award in 2012 and 2014 and is remembered for its beginnings in the movie Anna Karenina (2012). She also stands out for her role in productions such as DC Comics Suicide Squad, in which she starred, or Paper Cities.

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Although their parents do not have the luxury of being as famous as the famous previously introduced one, it is important to emphasize that still, she grew up in one of the richest neighborhoods in the world, called Belgravia. As you see in photographs, if you did not know these artists previously, both are two of the most beautiful women in the current panorama of fame. That is why many heterogender men have taken the deepest of disappointments to have news of one of the most talked about rumors of recent days: the possibility of a relationship between them.

The thing gets worse when it comes to the confirmation of the data, hand in hand with the information published by the Daily Mail. Some paparazzi who belong to this medium of communication say that the two young and successful girls starred in a romantic encounter at the Argentine restaurant West Hollywood. The date was given in the company of another couple: Brenda song and Macaulay Culkin, who is also the godfather of the daughter of the King of Pop.

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This meeting was not between mere friends since the two protagonists of the night put their final touch to the subject by giving one another a kiss that clarified what their current situation is. They danced and they kissed on the premises, and the cameras captured it. The rumors of possible courtship had already been out a few weeks ago. The main character of Gringo and the model hurled indirectly through the networks.

A fact that ignited the alarms without confirming the suspicions of the most gossipers. However, last Monday, the flame was already firmer with the teasing post that Jackson uploaded on her Instagram where fans could see her with the model lying and enjoying a movie. According to these, they met last May at the MTV awards gala held in Los Angeles.

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