Published 2018-05-18
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A man describes what it is like to die after returning from the hereafter twice ...

Have you ever wondered how it feels to "be dead"? The protagonist of our story, who lives in Sweden and is called R00tdude in the online forum Reddit, returned from the hereafter twice after a motorcycle accident in February last year. The 22-year-old suffered a great number of injuries: a severe back fracture, a dislocated shoulder, five broken ribs, a punctured lung and a twisted ankle…

During each of the times he remained pulseless, approximately 2 minutes elapsed. His first "death" came immediately after the incident, as his body went out reacting to the pain and physical damage that his body endured in a short time. The second occasion occurred after the surgery that was performed on him, where the large dose of painkillers gave him a respiratory arrest...

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Since then, this young man has commented on his brief experience of the "beyond" in the social network. To prove that he was still involved in the accident, the Reddit user uploaded a series of images of his injuries and a note from the doctors he found that said: "Patient unconscious and not breathing at 4:00 pm Resuscitated consciousness and initial hyperventilation Adequate and mild head trauma since then".

Writing about his first "death", he commented: "Immediately after the impact, my physique was disconnected from the severe traumas I suffered, without the pulse, breathing or consciousness." He also contributed: "The second" death: "I was agonizing in pain after of the operation, so I received a large number of pills to calm it down, all of which together caused my heart rate to drop to 10 beats, and my respiratory system was cut off."

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When a netizen asked him about his experience at that time, he explained: "On both occasions it was just not there, it was all black, I would describe it as when you take a nap, a little nap without sleep, when you get up and feel that you have been sleeping for a long time, but in truth it's only been about 15 minutes, I was also extremely tired when I 'came back.' I felt as if I had used up all the energy in my body."

A little later he wrote that it was "difficult to find the exact words to report that experience", adding: "A timeless space seems correct, but it is very difficult for me to remember it in my mind and visualize it". In the same way, he related how he had always been an atheist, and admitted that those moments were 'the greatest peace I ever found', that 'no sky could match'…

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"I saw absolutely nothing, no dreams, no light, nothing, just imagine a black nothingness, that would be what I perceived, I know it sounds very depressing that when you die there is nothing, you just disappear, but honestly, this has made me not to be afraid of death, when you die, you simply do it, without worries or anything else," he continued expressing…

The man added that he now concentrates on living the moment and having fun, writing: "I have not really achieved anything either, but you should not worry about it, just live your life and do not regret anything. In the end, we will end up dead. It's going to make you feel better once you die."
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